Thermaltake CircleFire: Mid-2000s PC VU Meters

August 23, 2019 by 39 Comments

Thermaltake’s Circle Fire 5.25” Professional Multimedia Kit is from the “anything goes” era of PC case mods. It’s got backlit VU meters, an integrated speaker, LED peak indicators, and a fiery hot rod paint job. Ahh, 2004.

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39 Replies to “Thermaltake CircleFire: Mid-2000s PC VU Meters”

  1. I have to say man, I really believe these are meant more for automotive type of setups, but compatible with PCs

  2. Mathy Don says:

    6:40 makes total sense – loud = good therefore the more loud = more green

  3. Robert says:

    Thermal Take the Trash

  4. I remember those gadgets from back then. Fortunately I opted for a thermal readout and fan controller instead. Still works and yes it too had the funky multi colour LEDs.

  5. Mr Screamer says:

    I was always a sucker for a drive bay accessory. I remember this thing. I wanted it. Fortunately, that inexplicable desire never translated into a purchase. I must have been mentally ill in 2004.

  6. Out of curiosity, did you run any audio checking if the L/R meters work independently?

  7. Ice Cold says:

    5:20 Look, I know this is awful, and I ain't gonna question that but… I still find the sound kind of charming on a way. Specially the song is oddly fitting for that awful quality sound.

  8. FrontSideBus says:

    Back then, I had a Matrix Orbital LCD drive bay screen that among other functions, had VU meters on it lol. It was driven by the serial port too!

  9. Sion Jones says:

    absolutely crazy!
    If they're limited with such a small space, why didn't they go for two speakers and one "VU" meter?
    It wouldn't be any good still, but at least they would increase the power handling!

  10. 1kreature says:

    Do you have a DigitalDoc you can feature?
    It's quite useless. You will love it!

  11. This is something I expect Linus Tech Tips to put in a PC for some gimmick build.

  12. Tae Her says:

    Question. How do we know if this isn't some knockoff that decided to use the TT branding?

  13. -- says:

    you could set up the stereo mix cloned audio source and have everything go through the meters and your regular DAC or digital speakers. In order to do this you may have to hard disable the speaker on the unit as there will be a delay. And of course this doesnt fix the issue with the meters themselves being shit, it just gives you a way to enjoy them at all for their novelty.

  14. Tregeta says:

    That's cool, a meter to let you know you're hearing sound.

  15. korbitr says:

    I'm surprised that there are no comments saying: "aRe YoU sUrE tHiS dOeSn'T gO iN a CaR? cLiCkBaIt!1!1" on this video…

  16. Nihilius says:

    Me 25y ago: Coooooooooooooool!!!!
    Me 24y and 364d ago: o.O What a f….!

  17. 03:07 I'll guess why.
    I bet the PCB was ment to be a PCI slot with the 5 1/4 being a breakout box, but something happened. Some one screwed up and made it and enclosed unit in production with a backing plate made too and was not needed. So rather than make a specific plate with a 3.5mm female connector to male that then attachies to the drive bay they just went "Screw it, Just use the back plates we have" rather than make new ones upping the production cost VASTLY.

  18. 5:02 The cutouts in the bracket and the real placement on the board are mirrored. The only way you could line the connectors with the cutouts would be FROM THE OUTSIDE. So, their fail.

  19. CNR_07 says:

    I love this PC <3

  20. After hearing how bad that speaker was, I've got to go listen to something GOOD! Like Vocaloid!

  21. Yu boka says:

    Why are you not using Winamp?

  22. TG5455 says:

    Hey, it's an LG. Like my phone, the LG Stylo 4.

  23. I like the idea. If there were good quality VU meters and the like, I would be interested. PS Can you tour your hi-fi set-up.

  24. Jason C. says:

    Thermaltake weird.

  25. Walczyk says:

    You can totally replace that speaker for something actually decent, and the LED can be tested and replaced. the VU meters are definitely missing capacitors. I'd love to recreate this

  26. RoÆther says:

    Its fun because my gaming PC has that same X-Fi Card and front panel on it. I love them :3

  27. 233kosta says:

    It undoubtedly sounds shite 😁

  28. sea green says:

    Deploying smooth jazz in 3..2..

  29. DarkLord says:

    i seen it litterally today at Chinase shop!!!!!!! the same!!!!

  30. This is a PC addon for the people whose cars looked like something out of Need for Speed Underground 2.

  31. 0:59 Isn't that the cigarette lighter, top row in the middle? And it says "expending your PC life"? EXPENDING?? I mean, "expanding" wouldn't make much sense either, how should a cigarette lighter expand the life of your PC. But how on earth is "expending your PC life" supposed to be a selling point?

  32. Jin says:

    Where do you find this awesome stuff?? I've been looking for hours online for cool 5.25 bay devices and nothing exists in 2020.

  33. squidud says:

    I swear, in the early 2,000s, you needed a whole other pc case just to hold all of the expansion drives you had.

  34. Prod. Jacob says:

    Those FCE speakers in the circlefire are used in old lcd monitors back then.Mostly BenQ or shop monitors you would normally see in mcdonalds.

  35. Those light and meters and stuff is a Gamer's Wonderland (Especially Linus')

  36. WHEELHEART says:

    I have a brand new of this. I bought it for my PC, but I never used it.

  37. I have rewatched the dials jump from 0 to 100 in a microsecond at the startup sound like 50 times and I still laugh so hard it hurts