Epson Apex 100: A Budget Turbo XT PC from 1989

September 6, 2019 by 29 Comments

Sure, the Apex 100 is just another retro computer, sold alongside the Epson Equity in the late 80s as a low-cost alternative aimed at retail chains. But it also has several thoughtful design elements that set it apart from similarly cheap PCs back then!

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29 Replies to “Epson Apex 100: A Budget Turbo XT PC from 1989”

  1. Boardsort says:

    My first PC that I owned. Traded my Amiga500 for it,

  2. Erich Kohl says:

    Nice. Had an Epson similar to this in my high school computer lab, but it was a 286. Then I had to go home to my 8088.

  3. Windows Lab says:

    NO CTRL so bad.

  4. Jugger naut says:

    im wondering if they were able to make pc like we have now, and slowed down the progress to make some bucks

  5. 2:45 "Its 10 MHz 88-1 CPU…" You mean 8088-1?

  6. Speaker is probably too high of a ohm
    2 ohms will definitely make it easier to hear.

  7. I don't care what anyone says; Hercules is my shit. B&W is vastly preferable to godawful cyan and magenta.

  8. Drew says:

    9:35 Me when my computer doesn't start cuz it's full of dust and I dunno what I'm doing to begin with.

  9. T Orrent says:

    Could you add a board for flash memory?

  10. Zer0Mercy83 says:

    But can I play Doom Eternal on it??

  11. This was my first computer.

  12. ronch550 says:

    Gotta love how the PC speaker is located next to the floppy disk drives. I'd put that at least a good 5 inches away if I were this computer's designer.

  13. That is a beautiful computer, definitely better looking than most of the cheap plastic cases we have today.

  14. I love the jazzy music you have in your videos.

  15. Pure LGR awesomeness!

  16. Our computer lab had these when I was in first grade. These many years later, I didn't remember what computers we had (they eventually upgraded by, probably, third grade or so) but a long Google search led me hear. Love this!

  17. Atomic Drop says:

    I spent entirely too much time playing Jack Nicklaus Golf on this system.

  18. The first computer I used was a 100/20. It is so cool to know this stuff.

  19. When I was a kid I had a monitor that had a 3 way switch to select between black/white, green, or amber. I've looked for proof it existed on the internet for years and have never found a similar monitor.

  20. Hey Clint! What is the jazz music called you use on your intros?

  21. Love those lower doors and the dip switches

  22. Jozef Nava says:

    I really enjoyed this video Mr Lazy, with this PC I traveled directly to the early 90s when my father gave me my first PC, it was an Epson AX 2, 286 processor, CGA monitor and fence as I enjoyed playing Prince of Persia, Test Drive, Lemmigs , Indianapolis 500 and other titles are great !!!

  23. GPSC998 says:

    This is the computer I grew up with so this video was nostalgic

  24. beyerch says:

    My first "PC" was the Epson Apex 100/20….. if you happen to find one of those in great shape, please let me know. I still have mine and it works, but ….. it is a bit rough….. I also upgraded it with the Microsoft "Mach 20" full size expansion card which "upgrades" the 8088 to 80286 and expanded the RAM, etc.

    P.S. My keyboard is VERY rough …..

    You can see it and what's left of the system here:

  25. Nowhere Man says:

    Do you happen to know if they made a 3.5'' drive for this computer?

  26. Sam T says:

    7:12 Oh, I have a (unknown brand) composite monitor that has a monochrome mode switch! I tried playing my PS1 in green monochrome, certainly and interesting experience!

  27. Hans Johnson says:

    Heh, i used one of these to run a BBS back in the mid 90s… Though I just had a Herculese monitor, but I did have a 20 or 30MB hard drive.