Exploring the Japanese Kitkat Forest

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We goof around for a bit then go to an actual field. Also I fly to Japan.


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All likeness to people in real life is purely coincidental.
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40 Replies to “Exploring the Japanese Kitkat Forest”

  1. SumitoMedia says:

    For the record I had radishes with me but I got nervous

  2. Selma Brinx says:

    In all of my life, i only want to kick anyone from buzzfeed in their FUCKING STUPID FACE.

  3. Danville VA is actually a nice place…and it looks nothing like that lol

  4. John Roberts says:

    The second he asked about the acidity of the soil, I lost it

  5. Glyne Lewis says:

    The old days when you could have traveled

  6. I live in Danville there is nothing interesting there besides a awesome Tank museum

  7. Those jokes about face masks didn't age well lol

  8. Squid says:

    9:25 ahhh yes. Back when only Asian people wore medical masks.

  9. P B says:

    Why spend a million dollars on a watch when you can BUY A FUCKING TANK

  10. apacheSR says:

    9:21 that aged hilariously badly

  11. HokeyBugle says:

    That field looks way more like california than Virginia

  12. LegoVogel says:

    Not gonna lie, your high-fashion theory is very solid.

  13. Rhayne Lyte says:

    Suicide is for the weak. Good riddance.


  15. RK says:

    that tour in japan was crazy

  16. Ghost0465 says:

    By the end of this video I was farming radishes with paper cup tools in Virginia.

  17. Hammemo says:

    So did you buy that land or nah?

  18. Spoondancer says:

    I am CONSTANTLY bumping into lamp posts.

  19. Falls says:

    "I believe I passed my exam"
    Homeboy boutta give some japanese students PTSD

  20. SK why says:

    I like to imagine sumito is just walking around with intorian’s avatar I mean cause that’s obviously what he actually looks like.

  21. vizthex says:

    you always bite into the bar though when eating them wtf?

    there's literally no reason to waste time breaking the damn thing into pieces.

  22. I live in farm land Canada and your description of radish farming is way too spot on

  23. No Name says:

    "This medical Masks" Oh Boy😂

  24. omg this video is really about fashion. and it's so big brain

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