Let’s talk about our big mistake… – AMD Ryzen 2nd vs 3rd Gen

September 2, 2019 by 43 Comments

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You just got a new shiny computer only to find out it’s been made obsolete a week later. Not sure if one of AMD’s new CPU’s will work for you? Don’t you worry, we got you covered.

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Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group.

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43 Replies to “Let’s talk about our big mistake… – AMD Ryzen 2nd vs 3rd Gen”

  1. Rich R0b says:

    Riley is my favourite presenter, be should do more vids

  2. King K says:

    Ryzen 3 3100 x evga GeForce rtx 2060 for budget gaming pc to play Call of Duty Warzone at 144fps ?! Please let me know you’re thoughts

  3. Gonzo Balls says:

    he looks like a son of Bill Pullman

  4. I was about to buy a 9600k or 9400f but then Covid 19 struck in my area, and Comet lake has been released, way better then coffee lake

  5. RyzenLevels says:

    but i got asus prime x570 pro and a ryzen 7 2700x… i plan to upgrade in few years time when 3rd gen becomes even cheaper

  6. About to build a Ryzen 3000 build, July 2020. Think this is about to happen to me now, lol

  7. John Piper says:

    If you're in 2020 don't make the same mistake this guy did, wait for Ryzen 4000 series.

  8. Noah says:

    i still run am3+ so ill get x470 so ill be able to upgrade to pcie 4 graphic card in 5 years xD

  9. I guess that's the main reason im not buying anything until now!


  11. Aadi Sahni says:

    "Core 2 quads, ah yeah little weezers"
    Looks at core 2 duo PC
    PC: I have failed you

  12. Jason Poole says:

    I put off watching this video and pretty much every Ryzen 3xxx video because I had literally built my PC 3 weeks before they anounced them. Upgrade already needed less than a year later as my use case has changed from just gaming/music recording to add in full video editing and autoCAD design and rendering of both. good thing I didn't cheap out on a PSU or GPU.

  13. Scrvb says:

    The was he says bios gives me anxiety.

  14. Gabriel Yang says:

    Watching this video make me remember that AMD released 2700 one week after I got my 1700, for the same price.

  15. No way the first 16 seconds of this video are just amazingly baffling in a good way

  16. AR Qazi says:

    love the bad godfather acting lol

  17. DESTROYER64 says:

    I think you mean my big mistake

  18. Taha YT614 says:

    Well that's apple alright

  19. This show is designed for virgins

  20. Who is this guy ? Sounds like linus

  21. Yussif zz says:

    Who is this guy? Where is Lanus?

  22. Hello. Why don't you review amd ryzen 5 3500x.
    Please I can't find any review.

  23. WikiForce says:

    i miss this old intro

  24. noxxie says:

    Do i need to download every update or just the latest one on the BIOS

  25. Hexacarbide says:

    Where can I get that cool LTT cool desktop background?

  26. This video is about AMD's upgrade ability not about Ryzen 2nd gen v 3rd gen.

  27. nobody can ever hit that segway like linus

  28. DorylPlz says:

    Aaaaaand, here i am after nvidia announced ampere

  29. Can we get an update for video cards?

  30. Ah yes a320 boards are out of luck. types this after buying an a320 board and a ryzen 5 3600xt

  31. Desard Lika says:

    anyone still using the i9 9700k here ?

  32. Taha YT614 says:

    Well that apple alright

  33. Matt JV says:

    Those PCs behind you look like strip clubs.

  34. Janek says:

    I'm doing a rebuild and want to put a solid CPU to game, stream and edit YouTube videos on occassion. At the present time in 2020, would you recommend getting the R5 3600, R7 2700x, or R7 3700x? Important to note that I will also be upgrading my GPU to an RTX 3070 (or a new AMD) when it comes out, from my current RX 580..
    Thanks for your help in advance! 🙂

  35. redneck1st says:

    What I would like to know is what is the difference between the Ryzen 5 3600x and the Ryzen 3600 as both have 6 core 12 threads yet the 3600x is around $34 higher? The same question with the AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8 Core 16 thread and the Ryzen 7 3700x 8 core 16 thread which is a $60 price difference between these two CPUs?

  36. Michael says:

    When you remember you updated your BIOS during a thunderstorm xD I feel attacked

  37. Daniel Mance says:

    Watching this with Ryzen 3600 on my sweet little A320 😀

  38. What's better ryzen 5 3600 or ryzen 7 2700???????????plz someone reply

  39. kicksoffs says:

    can i put a second gen cpu in a 3rd gen motherboard.

  40. Vlad P says:

    This guy is the one who play keyboard right?

  41. you got me after the Godfather parody 😀

  42. Invicious says:

    Wat da difference amd wins.

  43. He kind of sounds like Paul Rudd.