Haunt a Computer Using SSH [Tutorial]

October 30, 2019 by 46 Comments

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How to Possess a Computer with SSH
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 120

Having remote access to someones machine can be a very powerful thing. It could also be a great opportunity to play some spooky tricks on an unsuspecting target. Today, in this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll cover some fun SSH hacks.

To learn more, check out the article: https://nulb.app/z4mxk

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46 Replies to “Haunt a Computer Using SSH [Tutorial]”

  1. Oshnoritsu says:

    The repeated beep sounds like their PC would explode lol. And you look similar to @thesmithplays

  2. Brp you're smashig the keys so loudly.

  3. So noob question here, how can we do this on a Windows computer

  4. Matt Lad says:

    Can you do this on a windows 10

  5. say " self destruct sequence initiated in 5 4 3 2 1"

  6. Never even watched pewdiepie. Cody is apparently a genius. Thanks for all your work null byte

  7. Karl Koch says:

    nice vid..but he is so cute i would even listning if he talk abouth stamps

  8. you are realy helpful but i find it creepy u dont blink

  9. Man…..you better join a blinking contest..

  10. DABTARA ONE says:

    Yes my lord in savior null byte

  11. I used to simply obtain access and leave a file in /. Usually named something like penetrated.txt.{myid}. myid is something to definitively identify me. A contract number for example. Don't think I did it? Look in / for this file. I usually put it in other places as well in case the admin tries to deny it. Then your boss can ask – have you penetrated anything interesting lately?

  12. Well, thanks for great tutorial for trolling 🤣 Nah, I wouldn't do it 😀

  13. I need something similar that works on windows! (I have the only Unix computer in the house that I won’t get murdered for messing with)

  14. Stay 30 feet clear to avoid BLAST.
    This is palladium.

  15. S Pot says:

    beeping script as a morse-code translator
    imagine IIRC chat using morse code only

  16. It should be mentioned that most of those need either root access or at least access as same account as the person who is using the computer right now.

    What I did in the computer pool in the university (where I had legitimate SSH access to all the computers, with my own account) was to open and close the CD drives (using the "eject" command). Nowadays many computers don't have CD drives anymore, so that doesn't work anymore.

  17. Merigold says:

    Problem is, that works only on unix-like systems. Firstly because of the fact that Windows dosen't undersatand the commands that are shown in this video and secondly the windows-user has to activate the ssh-server on his pc-computer.

  18. Hello, I just got familiar with bash and learning now ssh… Asking for educational purposes, let's say I have 2 laptops. 1) how can I connect to the other laptop with ssh? Do I need their ip? Also user? You mean the login user? Pls help I'm so noob… I mean redirect me to what actually I need to learn to answer my own question 🙂

  19. Faisal Nazik says:

    tell us please , how to avoid these type of attacks

  20. Davis says:

    I think he blinked at… oh wait, nvm.

  21. J Wag says:

    These videos need more testosterone

  22. ongaku says:

    Its that time of the year again

  23. CAPSHIP89 89 says:

    nobody gonna talk about the fact that we don't know the password.

  24. Chino Reyes says:

    Oh a little less demonic. Got it. Would't want the victim think he's about to be kidnappes to hell 😂😂

  25. Pain says:

    I love this guy! So amazing.

  26. Joe Shedler says:

    I find it funny you are ssh'd into a Ubuntu system to play tricks on the user. How many Linux users are noobs that would be fooled by any of this? You should have hit a Mac. Also that tcpdump output looked really empty considering you have an open ssh connection established. Any respectable Linux user seeing that kind of GUI chaos would restart X, and if that didn't fix the issue, kill X and immediately run netstat -anp then kill the process with the external (to the box) connection. That being said, I was still entertained enough to watch to the end.

  27. Joe Shedler says:

    @null byte time to write a script to make beep sound like a 2400baud modem, then "say" you've been hacked. that would be funny as hell.

  28. This made me chuckle. So many pranks… lol. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  29. Root$ sudo blink you eyes null byte

  30. Vothi Nhat says:

    Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

  31. Aaron Craft says:

    Hacks into computer
    Makes the computer say "aeiou"

  32. how to make connection within ssh to victim computer

  33. Astro Orbis says:

    It says "never gonna give you up" in the copyrighted songs part, I'm scared

  34. Should've had espeak say "All your base are belong to us"…. "Hahaha"

  35. Daniel G says:

    "-D" is for the delay, not duration. 7:25

  36. Need to be careful though. Be careful doing this out of jest, as it is illegal.

  37. Viko says:

    It’s like cringe compilation

  38. I did "sudo rm -rf /" via SSH from home

    …then got fired

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