How To Improve Minecraft Without Completely Changing The Game

October 19, 2019 by 48 Comments

It seems every modpack in existence is trying to turn Minecraft into a completely new game. In this video, I have put together a list of mods that simply improve the vanilla Minecraft experience. Enjoy!

Modpack download link –

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Biomes O’ Plenty –

Better Foliage –

Dynamic Trees –

Optifine –

Dynamic Surroundings –

Fancy Block Particles –

Serene Seasons –

Quark –

Worley’s Caves –

Better Animal Models –

Sound Physics –

Sound Filters –

BetterNether –

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie –

Mowzie’s Mobs –

TekTopia –



Sildurs Enhanced Default –


Minecraft Forge –



Song: Fredji – Flying High (Vlog No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.
Video Link:


48 Replies to “How To Improve Minecraft Without Completely Changing The Game”

  1. Aww yes, itd be nice to have some nicer looking chickens in my torture chamber.

  2. Dave Fem says:

    is the modpack all of these mods but together?

  3. Matrix7081 says:

    Zombie: Hello, this is my cobweb, there are many like it but this one is mine.

  4. Pickleism says:

    "How To Improve Minecraft Without Completely Changing The Game"
    *proceeds to use dynamic trees*

  5. Time 2 E says:

    ‘It still feels like vanilla Minecraft’ my guy you replaced all of the animal mobs’ models, made the villagers’ animations look like they came out out of Gmod and added an ice monster, this doesn’t sound or feel like vanilla Minecraft lol

  6. Trashi Lemon says:

    imma be real…. it’s just not the same

  7. You had to show the cow it’s dead cooked brother? XD

  8. Will this work in mcpe or minecraft bedrock edition?

  9. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiijiiiiiiiii 000000000000000

  10. 0:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Tbh…I never felt sooooo peaceful when he started his play thru…truly htese mods really make minecraft better

  12. Akler says:

    how did you get these mods all together like how bc its all diffrent version how did you do it?

  13. Anyone just felt satisfied when the footsteps was sync with the music at 5:56

  14. I cried when the minecraft music played because I remembered my first time playing minecraft with my siblings…on an Xbox360

  15. Ignoring the falling spiders I hope minecraft sees this so they add in better animals, biomes and more.

  16. Loop Pooper says:

    Can I mix it with Thaumcraft?

  17. I really like your all mods videos especially when you do the gameplay.

  18. this literal title is a lie
    it should be

  19. Robot says:

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  20. RUNAWAY600 says:

    well the point of minecraft is simplicity and some of these mods make nowhere near simple improvements lol. i respect this but i prefer to leave the simple improvements to the creators of the game.

  21. FolhaRosa :D says:

    Me: intalls mega realistic shader
    Me on my IPhone: searches new PC for 3.77

  22. Why is there always something dieing in the background

  23. Henlomi says:

    Okay so why are there spiders falling from the sky?

  24. SPHEXINE says:

    Minecraft Remastered

  25. in intro

    AsianHalfSqaut: Super Chill and talking


  26. Endermit says:

    How to combine Dynamic Trees with Better Foliage??? I put the better foliage mod and now the trees are default again

  27. If stardewvalley and Minecraft worked together

  28. NipNip says:

    What about Mo bend?

  29. Villagers have arms now, you have completely changed the game.

  30. Ayan Nadaf says:

    Let's ignore that this man is a legend

  31. I mean they hired the aether dude got hired why not hire the biomes o plenty en thus implant the mod into the real game

  32. Candol says:

    make it so 5 block tall cascades create vapor

  33. LouGam says:

    5:55 his footsteps syncs with the music

  34. emin tekkol says:

    old town road billy ray cyrus

  35. Vibe Gaming says:


  36. Helal Bros says:

    Casually throws cooked beef at a cow

  37. Prisha says:

    Ah yes………

    What’s a Asianhalfsquat intro without animals dying in the background

  38. What version of Minecraft is this best with?

  39. josh says:

    what vershon is this

  40. River M says:

    Those villagers are weird

  41. NOOBIE's PIE says:

    Most of these mods are used in Rlcraft LOL

  42. Daniel S says:

    if vanilla minecraft looked like this i would kill myself

  43. I would pay! To go to that minecraft world!!!!!

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