Minecraft AUTOMATIC BEE FARM Tutorial | Honey + Honeycomb Farm, Easy

October 14, 2019 by 43 Comments

In this video I show you how to build a fully automatic Minecraft Bee farm. This build will get you plenty of either honey bottles or honeycombs.

Breakdown – 0:56
Materials – 2:38
Build – 3:30

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43 Replies to “Minecraft AUTOMATIC BEE FARM Tutorial | Honey + Honeycomb Farm, Easy”

  1. wattles says:

    This farm will help you get plenty of honey or honeycombs for either of the new blocks! The honey block in particular is actually really useful. More on that in this video πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8XgHJE6CEA

  2. would this work with a bee nest instead of a hive?

  3. Lalavo says:

    How dare you enslave bees

  4. Wayne Brady says:

    the honey bottle's do not work on the bee farm

  5. robin playzz says:

    What if there are more than 3 bee's?

  6. Lucky Omen says:

    It works for honeycomb, but for honey, it keeps dropping empty glass. What's wrong here?

  7. this really helped my bunker 10/10

  8. KingASE says:

    dude if you just turned the hopper around put some slabs around it would catch like a shoot…. easy … didnt have to make the railroad stuff lmao

  9. sam says:

    you should join hermitcraft

  10. Gwon Young says:

    I did everything this guy says it doesn't work

  11. Binh Tran says:

    cool i like bees also in minecraft………………………………..

  12. do any of yall know how to put the railing over the hopper…

  13. lizzy says:

    when my bees pop out of the hive a empty bottle is dispensed, the observer activated every time so i do get honey but also the empty bottles back. (On a multiplayer server) Is there something with multiplayer servers that break this design or something else?

  14. Fyrstikken says:

    Tried this in 1.16.1 and not sure if things are changed, but i tend to get back more normal glass bottles than with honey in them. changed in the versions ?

  15. Does it have to be grass or can it be dirt?

  16. If you're having issues placing mine cart hopper use a fishing rod to pull the cart to start up, its better than breaking a block or having it run the whole time πŸ™‚

  17. Elite_Huntr says:

    does anyone know if you put like 6 bees in one if it does any better or is 3 the limit?

  18. Nova Stains says:



  19. Just so everyone knows this will be most efficient in the end or nether. I recommend the end due to there not being ghasts ready to blow you up. Because the bees only come out during the day the end and nether are in day state all the time.

  20. SrDoggo GG says:

    red flowers work?

  21. Hey, would anybody know why my bees aren't making any honey? They seem to collect pollen, but when the day is over they don't produce any honey and all I get is empty glass bottles

  22. DJDOGGO365 says:

    Dose it work on peaceful mode

  23. O S says:

    I get a lot of empty bottles in the collection chest with honey bottles too.

  24. ZeroSphere says:

    Anyone know why its dispensing empty bottles?

  25. Mats Roscam says:

    The hopper minecart takes out the bottles from the dispenser?

  26. Gaara Sama says:

    Does this still work?

  27. hottox _ says:

    I would make a track of hoppers from the dispenser connected to a chest at the top so you can fill it with used bottles to refill em

  28. bancall says:

    bro ur vids are not helpful this lookes like a 5 yr olds lets play

  29. I fixed it using comparator as the comments said. But the honey bottle is dispensed back into the dispenser instead of around the dispenser. It ended up being in the dispenser rather than being collected by the hopper minecart. 1.16.3 btw, any fix?

  30. bee*lieve it or not, I'm gonna *bee building this farm in my *bee*utiful world

  31. N0NAM3 _ says:

    Hey wattles so i built this on java and just added a few more to it to make it more efficient but the dispensers spit out some empty bottles sometimes any idea how to fix this? I will get honey bottles stil but it spits out a bunch of empty bottles with it as well

  32. Hmmm the bottles dont work :/ it dispenses bottles when a bee leaves the hive.

  33. Can we extend this farm like, place 2 or 3 bee hives

  34. Somethings wrong, it made bunch of baby zombies…

  35. I'm building an entire floor on one of my builds out of bee hives, because it looks awesome and because I hate myself. Wish me luck

  36. Can you make the whole thing doubled so it produces more honey in the same amount of time

  37. Rowan Dowler says:

    Can you put multiple beehives in one building? Or do you need a seperate building for each one?