Minecraft UHC but it’s TOO blessed

October 27, 2019 by 46 Comments


Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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Rough Cut Edit → https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCND7mrevsojmBo8ZJZp6a4g

[IP: tapple.world]

In-Game Name: TapL

Mods Used → https://sites.google.com/view/taplsmodlist

My 1.8 Texture Pack Download → http://bit.ly/2bcyyib

Screen Recorder → OBS Studio

Editing Software → VEGAS Pro 14


46 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but it’s TOO blessed”

  1. no one


  2. Jerrick Cruz says:

    You should try playing Terria

  3. JarredMarcus says:

    Does anybody notice harveys voice?

  4. Wolfy_ Playz says:

    He sounds a bit different 🧐

  5. basty says:

    Idont need ur head i want free apple gold im too blesss we got unstopplea

  6. meep says:

    I love this

  7. wait if there is no dirt and its verry rare does that mean dirt is money now?

  8. Ahh yes old minecraft

    I miss the old days

  9. NitWitty says:

    When the seven year old discovered minecraft pvp as soon as they buy the game

  10. Minecraft YouTube’s doing some off camera mining

  11. daniel liu says:

    the moon is you minecaft face

  12. Honsinar says:

    alternate title : What if DiRt is RaRe

  13. I really want to go into a uhc

  14. This is the last video been recommended

  15. Sensei 3645 says:

    gotta say that tapl sounds like RadTheBrad

  16. this is cursed, but good at the same time

  17. Dripout says:

    We will get you to 2 m

  18. Normal minecraft food: Steak porkchop

    this uhc normal food: Golden apple stacks

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  20. Hugh Ananias says:

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  21. mystry nane says:

    "and when everyone is super no one will be"

  22. FaZe Dance says:

    Me: WTH!? You: just walk. Me: HOW! I WOULD JUST DIG

  23. It is 3 am and I am hearing unholy thing from my partner bedroom

  24. This was one of my favorite uhc

  25. Rose_gold says:

    minecraft Uhc but everyone is peaceful and vegan

  26. LeTiLLi says:

    When a youtuber says he mined off camera

  27. V buck PrO says:

    Me:saves golden apples for life


  28. Bruce Eaton says:

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  29. Logan Bodley says:

    2:19 “this is so bad” idk why but that made me laugh so hard 🤣

  30. Quan Nguyen says:

    what server is that

  31. @purpled was there

  32. Ugh that's why I hate taps vids, he ALWAYS LOSES.

  33. Lime Boy says:

    Are we not gunna talk about the guy with 35 kills

  34. Jon Joe says:

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  35. 'Tapl: I've been fighting forever'

    Me: its been 12 minutes dude-

  36. Tolko Bear says:

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