10 Awesome Features That Should Be Added To Minecraft

November 22, 2019 by 20 Comments

Minecraft is a great game, but there are always new features/improvements that can be implemented! In this video, I have 10 features that I believe should be added to Minecraft. Enjoy!

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Improved Caves –

Seasons –

Mob Variants –

Flowing Rivers –

Falling Leaves –

Biomes O’ Plenty –

More Weapons –

Higher End Graphics –

Another Dimension –


Minecraft Forge –


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20 Replies to “10 Awesome Features That Should Be Added To Minecraft”

  1. 1:42 drowns, husks, cave spiders, wither skeletons and strays but more would definitely be cool

  2. Fun fact: Mojang recently hired the creator of the Aether mod, and while it seems like they're probably going for better caves, mountains, or hell even an end revamp, what if they 180 us and make their own version of the Aether? It would be fitting considering they just had the Nether update.

  3. Players: we want more animals!!

    Mojang: * adds bees *

    Players: we want a cave update!

    Mojang: ok

    Players: what

    Mojang: we said ok


    Mojang: heavy metal slowly fades in

  4. StoneDomino says:

    Is that a sacrificial sheep fire pit? How terrifying.

  5. Niklas says:

    About the free server thing: I know what you mean, but technically everyone can host a minecraft server on their own pc so TECHNICALLY there is free multiplayer

  6. I don’t know if I’d necessarily want even more biomes (I like what there is) but I think having some biomes like the regular pine forest or tundra become transitional biomes rather then stand alone ones. That way you’d have a little bit of an idea what biomes are where, and you’d also get a more realistic feel

  7. Roze Retro says:

    Well what about climbing blocks or nocubes i know it will change the base that people loved but it is fun and i think minecraft have to have machines instead of redstone

  8. Your computer is soo strong what name is it

  9. Your wishes has been answered ☺️

  10. There should be an advancement for breaking obsidian with your fist

  11. the console versions of minecraft have the free Multiplayer feature . which sucks

  12. alltimekey says:

    0:25 , *yeah, your a time traveler, new it. *

  13. We’re getting a cave update!😌

  14. Mrmeowmeows says:

    "Minecraft can have some boring caves" people watching after 1.17 cave update be like

  15. Let us ignore the burning sheep 😂

  16. A proper built-in minimap with waypoints, and easier multi-player server setup. All I want, because that paper map is completely useless, and making servers is a pain.

  17. W1LL14M says:

    Sheep’s burning in the background

  18. Daily Videos says:

    Do you know what would be cool , after you go to sleep your able to experience a dream

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