Easy Auto Mushroom Block Farm | 1.12 Minecraft

November 28, 2019 by 20 Comments

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Easy mushroom block farm for 1.12 survival! Using 1 or 2 players afk. Works for brown mushroom blocks and items. Can add with xp farm to repair ax.

World Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/n4cvzw0lbasjwzb/auto_mushroom_block_farm_WDL.zip/file

Tutorial here (by Activation): https://youtu.be/qZVH-XdONMY

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20 Replies to “Easy Auto Mushroom Block Farm | 1.12 Minecraft”

  1. Why are you sound so sad in videos

  2. Activation says:

    It was a good time helping you with this (:

  3. Fredbear says:

    Happy thanksgiving ray

  4. Oli H says:

    Greetings human males, Raymond is present.

  5. I noticed when I was bonemealing brown mushrooms, that they would actually grow through each other and create many platforms on top of each other. I am not sure what this mechanic could be used for, but on halloween I was able to grow red mushroom houses to keep my captured skeletons from shooting each other in. And when I had placed a lantern in the middle of the roof inside, the whole structure glowed as apparently Mushroom blocks are transparent.

  6. J. R. says:

    EXACTLY what i need lol

  7. Only for 1.12 and you need 2 players… who will use this ?

  8. Alec says:

    nobody played on 1.12 lmfao

  9. If you can get one of these working in 1.14 you can make this truly infinite with an xp farm hooked up with a mending axe. You could have two afk players in the breaking area (one with silk touch and one without) so then item sorters feed the regular mushrooms destroyed by the normal axe to the player placing the mushrooms. And then for the final part you could make it so that some of the mushroom blocks go to a composter and then the bonemeal is transferred to the dispenser so now it could theoretically last forever. the only problem with this is that the number of mushroom blocks being produced would be greatly decreased by this but now that its 100% infinite it doesnt really matter because you will be getting so much mushrooms anyway

  10. you didnt say "byebye" at the end 🙁

  11. Oswary says:

    Could you try to bring us a 1.14/1.15 version a of it?

  12. There oughta be automatic mushroom farms like this, but with TNT duplicators and whatnot.

  13. Orakha says:

    could u make a new one for 1.14/1.15

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