Honey Block Auto Crafter + Honey Bottle Changes! | Minecraft

November 4, 2019 by 37 Comments

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Easy way to craft up honey blocks automatically using honey bottles! Plus we look at the changes in the newest 1.15 snapshot (19w44a). Thanks everyone who joined the stream to test this out! https://gyazo.com/e02a097ff3f964c3ab67bbefb8822e52 Snapshot testing with viewers is every Wed and Fri at https://www.twitch.tv/raysworks

World Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ioxpbl2x5f205gx/bee_farms3_wdl.zip/file

Honey Bottle Farms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpou56nXmXM
Bee Farms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHmFTxh-KsI

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37 Replies to “Honey Block Auto Crafter + Honey Bottle Changes! | Minecraft”


  2. Doc says:


  3. Pr Vatcraft says:

    This Is great. Thx ray 😀

  4. Rays Works says:

    Honey block, a very useful block to have and now an easy way to craft it up!
    More simple farms: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-5egZTw99_7ml5khqKSHJ8Xp30Hz-dl9

  5. Oreo Lamp says:

    Very misleading title, this is not an auto crafting machine. Its just a crafting station. Other than that, neat i guess.

  6. Oh my f god. When Microsoft will finally add autocrafting mechanic?

  7. The main question is:
    Why do I need huge glass farm just to craft honey

  8. CivetKitty says:

    Why not use the inventory as an item filter and use the ability to autothrow glass bottles to sort out them out?

  9. bartuscus says:

    Not a bad idea actually, this could simplify mob grinders.

  10. Glifa says:

    I wish there was an autocrafting table in Vanilla, it would make farms a lot more interesting

  11. Fiery Dooter says:

    Oh my god you are amazing!

  12. 13:23 I reported that bug some days ago (F3+G lines not shown correctly). Go upvote the bug ! It's MC-164711

  13. Richo G says:

    0:30 "honey blocks used to stack to 1" Picks up Honey Bottles 😂

  14. xSilentSweat says:

    What about putting 1 honey bottle and 1 honey block in all inventory spaces before you start? (Idk if he says it in the vid)

  15. Horzinicla says:

    What?! There's now automatic crafting in minecraft?

  16. LilDibbun says:

    Couldn't you just search "honey" in the crafting guide?

  17. That witch looks like Uncle Fester with the light bulb from Addams family xD

  18. Adam Schadow says:

    A little technical addition:
    Hoppers transport one item every 8gt that is 20/8 times per second
    Droppers drop out and item every 4gt that is 20/4 times per second that's why using two hoppers for one dropper works
    It is also possible to use a line of powered rail and more observers to power the droppers that reduces lag
    You can also use filters and shulker box fillers to separate the honey blocks and put them into boxes
    A macro script can at most craft once per game tick meaning with one player you can not craft more than 16*20 honey blocks per second so when you make your machine that fast you are sure to never outproduce it

  19. "I love using villager as a tester"
    * villager suffocates *
    oh yeah, some PhoenixSC vibes here too

  20. Hentai Nat says:

    How about standing on a hopper with item sorting glass bottles, so after using up the bottles you'd just trow it.

  21. Been trying to get a hive of some sort in my sp skyblock w/ latest snapshot, wiki says they only occur in world gen but a few sources have stated they can sometimes occur on a new tree. Since i cant craft a hive without honeycomb and i havnt been successful in generating one from a new tree I was wondering if they may be an intention to add honeycomb as a low drop from bee's or some other source or if it's been entirely overlooked. While this instance is only relevant to my skyblock game I'm pretty sure it's going to affect other players in different circumstances at some point. Can anyone conform/deny please?

  22. 69 comments? Ima go ruin it

  23. I was high as fuck earlier and I didn't realize this was a 20 fucking minute video on making items appear in a certain order in the recipe book lmao

  24. T Minus says:

    Did you make a whole video about a single line of dispensers?

  25. Millennials and their auto crafting and honey blocks…. back in my day, Minecraft was simple!

  26. Dareo Koski says:

    is it really a auto crafter if you have to craft it manually?🤔

    i think of it more of a crafting station. rather then a autocrafter. when i clicked on this i was thinking of someing off the sicraft server with their autocrafters. auto as being without humam input. i thought this was the case and was slightly disapointed. still loved the video. please be more clear next time😍😍👌🏿

  27. Monsterfrog says:

    Not automatic. You have to manually craft the blocks still.

  28. omg, please. tell me again what a lever , crafting table, and chest does. 3 times you felt it necessary to explain these things – holy F—

  29. Madmadz16 says:

    place a hopper minecart inside the stair and on top of two hoppers so you can shift q and auto pick the resources that doesn’t make it in your inventory

  30. good but try to make an improved version were you GET TO THE POINT

  31. chu Harry says:

    r u dum the smithing is to nethrtitr dismond exquipment.

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