How do you make two virtual machines communicate with each other in VirtualBox 2019

November 17, 2019 by 11 Comments

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How do you make two virtual machines communicate with each other and the Internet in VirtualBox? This video explains how to do this.

Short answer:

1. Create a new NAT Network in VirtualBox, by going to Tools in VirtualBox Manager / Network.
2. Click on the + sign to add a new NAT network.
3. Click on the Gear icon to change the new NAT network settings.
4. Add each guest (virtual machine) to this new NAT network – in the guest menu, go to Machine / Settings / Network.
5. Change “Attach to:” to “NAT Network” and select the NAT Network you created.

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11 Replies to “How do you make two virtual machines communicate with each other in VirtualBox 2019”

  1. Jayrok 71 says:

    Great Video. Thanks for the info! It helped me a lot.

  2. David Jordan says:

    Nice work sir. Keep it up and keep the videos coming.

  3. Dan Gulick says:

    Thank god for you lol. I had the same problem and been looking for a solution. I love VB and hated that I always had IP. this is helpful

  4. rangers suck your video is good though

  5. Jesus Castro says:

    Is it possible to do the same (make 2 VMs communicate with each other) on VMware Workstation Player?

  6. Peter Fisher says:

    This is nice tricks. I use vmware and i want to try VB. Thanks for sharing more.

  7. R E U Z says:

    Jangan lupa subs back

  8. Although the video was sort of usefull, it was very difficult to see what were you doing due the size of the terminal. I suggest you to increase the size of the letters for the next time.

  9. Then, can we connect the host too?

  10. Happy Tech says:

    This is not working please help me

  11. GJ BM says:

    Thanks for the video.
    Do you know how can I forced all these VM to pass through a virtualized FW before hitting my local default router ip? and still get internet connection