Mega Fast Cane Farm! {runs 24/7} | 1.14-1.15.2 Minecraft

November 30, 2019 by 44 Comments

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Mega fast auto sugar cane farm done simple with 0 tick shaky sand! Also a bone meal machine. It works 24/7 on server and future proof for 1.15. Plus 2 mini machines for small bases. More simple farms:

World Download:

First shaky sand:
Sand at world border:
Sand glitches:
EagleEye’s shaky sand farm:
EDD’s explain shaky sand:
EDD’s fast cactus farm:
Composter on top of hoppers:
1.15 shaky sand breaks:

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ProtoTech is 100% Vanilla Survival whitelisted 5 year old server that has never reset the map with 130,000+ Minecraft days accumulated. With the goal to automate and collect everything possible in the game, the journey has only started!
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ProtoTech Intro/outro by KK, Smokey, Heinz

Acheron River:
Craft Mechanics:
Creeper Physics:
Doctor Sploosh
Lord Jon:
Narcoleptic Frog:
Nodnam: , ,
timmist24: —
ZooM Strike (ZSG):

Recorded with OBS:
edited with SVP:
Replay Mod:
Carpet mod:


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44 Replies to “Mega Fast Cane Farm! {runs 24/7} | 1.14-1.15.2 Minecraft”

  1. n2mining says:

    I’m using the smaller one you showed in the video. Just 2 sand. Works like a dream, except the clock that controls the slimes does not work when started with a lever. It was not obvious but I had to flick the lever on and off to get it to work and leave it on to stop it.

  2. will _ says:

    Is it works on 1.13.2?

  3. Samo_Homi YT says:

    Is it working in 1.15.1

  4. It works very good but it causes a lot of lag. My fps drops from 60 to 25 and i have a very fast pc

  5. Materials:
    15 Sand
    15 Sugarcane
    15 Hoppers
    15 Stairs
    1 Slab
    44 Redstone
    10 Repeaters
    45 Pistons
    2 Sticky Piston
    2 Observers
    2 Levers
    17x5x7 space needed

  6. vulee 11 says:

    Does it work for pe?

  7. Whiep says:

    Sadly this doesn't seem to work on Paper/Spigot servers, which is a huge bummer.

  8. Bauer Gaming says:

    Is there a way to toggle it? If so is it something Paper Spigots fox zero tick farm thing would break?

  9. it doesnt work for 1.15.1

  10. Leo Miller says:

    Can you make it so only half of the sugarcane is converted to bonemeal? I want to use this for emeralds

  11. Is there a tutorial on how to build this?

  12. ArcticFlamez says:

    tha glich sand isn't working anymore

  13. AmcUhrd says:

    I build this on my 1.15.1 hardcore world, but i had to move the breaking pistons down 1 block, because for some reason, my sugar cane only grow to the 2nd stage…

  14. This doesn't work on a Paper server does it?

  15. ll Wong says:

    Does this still work in the 1.16 snapshot/20w06a?

  16. KingBandik says:

    So does it work on 1.15.2?

  17. Santos Weise says:

    This is really genius damn. Ive downloaded the map, and the only thing I cant find out is how the cycle of the repeaters above all work. Would appreciate a short explanation 🙂

  18. williebobtim says:

    Laggy, but I can't see a need to be running this beast for very long!

  19. This 1000% does not work on 1.15.2 . Try it for yourself.

  20. Leo Miller says:

    Is this as fast as zero tick?

  21. Daniele Vino says:

    Is that considered a 0tick farm?

  22. Does not work in 1.15.2. I tried the world doenload, didn't work 🙁

  23. Siaph says:

    I'm having trouble with my sand not shaking, I'm pretty sure I had everything correct but possibly not…

  24. Daniel Chen says:

    rip this farm i guess with the new snapshot
    "Future proof"… nice

  25. AndreXD10 says:

    zero tick farm: exits

    minecraft 1.16: i am about to end this man whole career

  26. NOTE: I've tested this exact farm and it is now patched in the latest 1.16 snapshot!!

  27. Albino Cake says:

    I am from future, this is patched even it is future proof :c

  28. U Go Bro says:

    How do you build this ??

  29. Triskag says:

    Ray: future proof
    1.16 snapshots: are you sure about that?

  30. 3lapsed says:

    RIP "Future Proof"

  31. Nic Brodie says:

    sooo its really not a tutorial

  32. I quese it doesent work on servers

  33. in 1.15.2 the observer clock is too slow

  34. Jeff Sharp says:

    For everyone having trouble in 1.15.2 (Sand falls through pistons and breaks redstone)-Your observer clock is running slow. Observers facing into eachother run faster after one of them has been moved by a sticky piston vs just being placed facing into eachother. My guess is you didn't build the on/off switch, try building that, flipping it, and it should work. Solved my problem.

  35. Im on 1.15.2 and this didn't work at all

  36. Sam N says:

    Title: [Future Proof]
    Mojang: patches MC-113809 in 20w12a
    Ray: surprised Pikachu face

  37. Yeyikeetkaas says:

    future proof. 1.16 joined the chat

  38. Arvjol says:

    how do u make this??

  39. Alex Pychyl says:

    Rays works: “Future proof”
    Mojang: “I’m about to end this mans whole career”

  40. Hey Ray I love your works!
    Does this farm work on 1.16?

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