Minecraft Bedrock ITEM SORTER TUTORIAL | Easy, Automatic, Expandable

November 25, 2019 by 39 Comments

In this video I show you how to build a fully automatic item sorter that works on Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This sorter is expandable and also realm /server friendly.

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Build – 2:16

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39 Replies to “Minecraft Bedrock ITEM SORTER TUTORIAL | Easy, Automatic, Expandable”

  1. wattles says:

    Hopefully this tutorial helps you with all of your item sorting needs! This isn’t the only way to make a sorter but it is one of the easiest!

    P.S. Seeing this a lot so YES this works on console / ps4!

  2. Urban _beast says:

    Can someone tell how the sorting hopper (4.40) works ?

  3. For 1.16, you need 44 of your items, and for the placeholder blocks you need one in each slot and they should be named

  4. Shrey Sth says:

    ok when i put mass amount of items into the input chest, some items dont get sorted and gets into the overflow chest (i play in a server btw)

  5. kyle _ says:

    when i put an item in it sometimes egrets stuck in the bottom hopper? anyone have a fix for this?

  6. Sheed Plazo says:

    I know im so late but it would be a great help if someone can give me an idea on how you can change the direction of the water system? Like is that possible? Or does it really need to be straight all the way?🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️

  7. It broke as of when I post this

  8. trever Brand says:

    Just so everyone knows this no longer works so dont make 100 rows of these and waste your time like I did

  9. Wizardxeze says:

    So, 6:00 what you are saying is make first shorter have the item that is your filler block so if those end up in the storage they will be shorted on first and use item that you don't get a lot? Like wooden step plat button ~ this way if you accidentally add items that are the same as filler block they get shorted out first…?

    Also, can you make items go up and which is the best way to do so? Can you aim dispenser upwards? Water elevator? I mean I want my "trash can" on same level as my lowest stored items and build the whole system above ground 😀

  10. Okay if anyone has the answer I am experiencing an issue where some how my first stack of filters will get sucked through messing up the entire system in the process I'm not sure why I double and triple checked I built it right I think it has something to do with laggy console

  11. Dez L says:

    This is so flawed I'm just laughing lol

  12. zach bockius says:

    Can I filter multiple items to s single box? Doesneach vertical row have to hold that specific item or can I assign an item to each individual hopper?

  13. BuddyYT says:

    THANK YOU it's so easy to make and it's PERFECT

  14. @wattles can this machine sort non stackable items, like swords, shovels,pickaxes, etc?

  15. "Storage" You told me that so yeah here you go

  16. I really love that music in the intro

  17. i am groot
    tx bro the totoriaiil

  18. Cal McCor says:

    I recommend making the overflow chest a lava bin

  19. Hey can someone pls reply! Does this work in MCPE? I’m rlly dumb…….

  20. This is a good sorter and it works most of the time for me but I am having some major issues.
    In some of the hoppers for some reason the items are being taken in by the hoppers underneath it but then the filter items are also being taken in. Also the item that I have as the filter (the one that should stay in the top hopper to choose the item taken in) is being randomly removed then replaced with the other items flowing over the hoppers. I don't know why this is happening and it is only happening with a few of them even though they all have the exact same circuit. If anyone has any ideas to help that would be much appreciated.

  21. Cal McCor says:

    I just built an iron farm so I can finally build this

  22. Luka Weicker says:

    Would you be able to put 1 rotten flesh, 1 dirt and 43 other blocks? Would that make the chest be filled with the 2 or just break all of it?

  23. Almas Fatima says:

    Does this work on 1.16

  24. Duane Lester says:

    Is it possible that the reason this is breaking down is because items are leaving the initial chest too quickly and are causing the sorting hoppers to overflow into the hoppers next to them? Perhaps slowing down how quickly items are introduced into the system can fix this?

    Any thoughts?

  25. fm_Vik!ng says:

    All the items I put in the hopper get sorted into the chest y!

  26. Does the track absolutely have to be made of ice? I don't have silk touch yet.

  27. Thanks for the tutorial – yours are always well paced and well explained. Great work.

    Question on Redstone… I'm still trying to learn how those circuits work and exactly what Comparators do… In this case I think they're locking the dropper until there are >45 items? But I don't really get how/why this works. Why do we need the repeaters / torches in that specific layout?

    Have you done a "beginners guide" to redstone circuits like this? I know Mumbo has – but I still found them hard to understand. There seemed to be a lot of assumed existing knowledge.

  28. jim terrence says:

    do you have to use packed ice? would other blocks work?

  29. Robert Short says:

    What way could I use something like this for non stackable items (I'm trying to add to my fish farm)

  30. Patbird says:

    So I used carpets as my placeholder blocks in the hoppers, would that be a problem? Because some of the carpets end up in the chests and the sorting goes haywire. Note that I'm playing on my friend's world via Xbox live.. does anyone know what the issue could be?

  31. Memulation says:

    wattles: im playing both sides so in the end I come out on top

  32. Andy Mir says:

    Great tutorial.
    Would be nice to know why this is working.
    Is powering hoppers with redstone stop them from moving items?
    What is the deal with 44 items?
    What kind of sorcery is this?

    Again, thank you for the great vid and for thinking about us bedrock players as well

  33. How come at 7:23, he put 2 bones, 2 rotten flesh and 2 arrows into the sorter but only 1 bone, 1 rotten flesh and 1 arrow went into the chests?

  34. This works so well until I tried to extend. I only have 5 chests, and I followed the tutorial adding 3 packed ice and so the circuit for sorting but when I tested it, some of the stuff doesn't actually go to the next batch of chest, like it's stuck on the last hopper from the first batch of chest

  35. C0AL1T10N 22 says:

    You’re amazing! Thought this wouldn’t work and would jsut mess up my raid farm, but now I can get all the emeralds I want!

  36. How well can this deal with items comming in at a fast rate?

  37. AyRa raina says:

    Greatest auto sorter ever

  38. Boost Jack says:

    Watt els hermit craft