Perfect Ice Road Boat Placer! | Minecraft

November 9, 2019 by 33 Comments

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Perfectly align your boats on ice speed paths! Takes no time to get best angle to ride your boat to any location you want. This will make the boats move the fastest and go anywhere! Works in most versions. More Crazy Tricks for Minecraft:

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Rays Works


33 Replies to “Perfect Ice Road Boat Placer! | Minecraft”

  1. Rays Works says:

    Never have to worry about perfectly aligning boats again!
    ProtoTech episodes:

  2. Agent M says:

    I like how inconsistent minecraft is. Ah, guys, just wait a minute and the exact same action gives a different outcome. Wait another minute, and it works fine.

  3. NikZapp 1213 says:

    Can you leave a command to the super potato?
    I just… need… it.

  4. YouTube compression on it is horrible even for 1080p

  5. Does not work on bedrock
    In fact since when has anything worked on bedrock

  6. Sky Jack says:

    Super useful tip:
    Only use ice at the start and end of your track, as you will place buttons on the rest of it. The boat will retain its speed from the ice when you ride on the buttons.

  7. Turns: "Im about to end this mans whole career"

  8. Evil says:

    Great video 🙂

  9. Omg… Thank you this is the best thing ever

  10. Ryan Newman says:

    It's not random, the game just calculates a direction more precise then shown on f3. Also I might be wrong about this, you should test it using a tp command.

  11. You don't need a calculator just use SohCahToa gorsh

  12. BIG_CLARKY says:

    did this really need to be 20 minutes

  13. endreask says:

    This guy just made a 21 minute video about how to place a boat in minecraft

  14. wtf, Why did I get banned from the prototech discord?

  15. Wibiz says:

    He gets to the point at 4:41

  16. The cool features playlist you were talking about and that’s linked in the description doesn’t work 🙁

  17. Ivo Broekhof says:

    Would it be easier if the 'interact' action is bound to keyboard temporarily?

  18. Isnt the 180.0 thing just a thing about some after comma digits not displayed?

  19. bcarray says:

    I've been wanting something like that for so much time

  20. Fabian_xDDD says:

    You can also hop into the boat, leave it by sneaking and the place another boat, beacuse when u leave the boat u'll keep the angle

  21. Drathmorgh says:

    Just added this to the Netherhubs ice way/s 😀
    awesome stuff ray! thx mate

  22. AntiChronic says:

    Some random angles don't work, like 152.1°. When you place the boat at 152.1°, it will ALWAYS go to 151.9°. Every time. And I noticed there are certain "windows" of degree ranges where the boat will always align to the leftmost part of that window. When you press A or D for the shortest amount of time possible (on normal blocks, not ice) the boat rotates by 2.5°, so I made a list of 152.1° plus many multiple of 2.5 in Excel, and tried to find a window which aligns with one of these values in the same "cycle" as 152.1°. However, after I while I noticed (still after no successful alignments) that a pattern was emerging between the "window defaults" (leftmost values within the window) that ended with .1 or .6 and the closest values from the 152.1° cycle. I'm concluding that my method of trying to align my initial boat at 152.1° will never work. If anyone reads this and can think of another way it might be possible to align a boat at 152.1° or any of the copious other angles I'm sure share the same problem, please let me know or even test it if you want! If you can't think of a way please still like this comment so Ray can see it and maybe try to help these oppressed angles!

  23. 马骋远 says:

    We can't place the boat in "any angle".
    I looked into the code today and found that when sending network packets Minecraft floors the angle to the nearest multiple of 360/256 = 1.40625 degrees, which means that technically Minecraft only has a 1/256 precision yaw representation.
    We can still place the boat accurately in 0, 90, 45, 135… etc. (and actually that extra flooring operation reduces errors while placing in these directions. e.g. we won't place a boat with rotation 45.01 deg (which will still display as 45 in F3), but we have to take that flooring operation into consideration if we are building an arbitrary-angle ice path.
    For instance, the calculator gives me -100.6 degrees, but the closest angle reachable in Minecraft is -101.25 and -99.84375, so I have to adopt either of them when building the ice path, instead of the original angle.

  24. I found that I can't place boat at 126.9….

  25. Max says:

    I like the video but you treat the viewer like an idiot, could've explained this one to a non-gamer in about a minute

  26. SPUD 01 says:

    This is a great video! I found it very useful!

  27. Ouzi says:

    ive used this boat aligment on my diagonal ice road and when i move at max speed in the boat i randomly start spinning, when going slower in the boat i have no issues? 1.16.1

  28. Clash Robert says:

    But my boat doesn't go fast on my blue ice path

  29. We've got the same GPU, nice

  30. At this point with all the time this would take, you could literally just make the ice road wider and not be a sweaty nerd about it

  31. TeCK0809 says:

    This is so good 🙂 Thanks! I do enjoy ur thoughtful video here, but u could have told us about it in a little shorter video, making it more time efficient! 🙂

  32. gunk says:

    this shit must suck for mobile players, since it means you have press both the left and right sides of your screen, at the exact same time so you boat doesnt go off the 45°.