Protect Your Ubuntu System with AppArmor & Firejail [Tutorial]

November 15, 2019 by 40 Comments

How to Lock Down Your Ubuntu Through App Hardening & Sandboxing
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After protecting your machine from physical and network threats, you’ll also need to defend from malicious applications. In our third installment on locking down your Ubuntu system, we’ll cover AppArmor and Firejail, on this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab.

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40 Replies to “Protect Your Ubuntu System with AppArmor & Firejail [Tutorial]”

  1. Felix - says:

    Have a great Weekend 👌🏼

  2. My friends 🙋‍♂️

  3. Very good video firejail is the BEST!

  4. Pro tip you can firejail virtualbox

  5. Ghost Sploit says:

    Hey everyone I have a Chanel Ghost Sploit where I post videos about hacking and other informatique staff but I need support thank you if you subscribe to my Channel 😉✌️

  6. I hate how you dont put -y after install line why would you not want to install if thats your intent come on, install -y make it a standard!

  7. DistantMe says:

    I know it’s probably just what you’re used to, but I recommend replacing your ‘apt-get’ commands simply with ‘apt’ these days, not only will it save you 4 keystrokes, it has some nice features (progress bar being one of them).

  8. Cool! Thanks for the content!

  9. null byte – This has been a fantastic series of lock down / security tutorials. My Ubuntu virtual machine has been configured to TokyoNeon’s excellent online guides. I’m running Debian 10 (stable) with Ubuntu as the guest. Now that I’m familiar with these customisations, my Debian 10 host will receive some much needed attention & I’m hopeful all these customisations will work with it.

    Thank you null byte!

    P.S – I’m creating a twit account just for following both of you 🙂

  10. killer boy says:

    thank you kody sir you are a saviour for noobs.

  11. WTFtube says:

    I like that, thank you.

  12. Mr GFY says:

    When i first got into pen testing, distro's like parrot, kali, ubuntu were pretty cool, as my skill grew and i went to the 1337 side. All i'll ever use now is Arch. Honestly, Nothing comes close to it. It's also imo easier to use vs. Debian based distro's. Null Byte; I implore you to look deeper into Arch. And if vanilla arch installs are too tough, please look into ArcoLinuxB. Arch with calamres installer(ubuntu like install). I've even managed to seamlessly integrate dnf, rpm, yum, blackarck and arch strike AND apt+dpkg into my personal build. You won't be disappointed, all it takes is confidence in one's self. You Rock dude, much love and 1337 4life.

  13. Mr GFY says:

    oh yea, if you want real secure, install selinux and a hardened kernel

  14. Could you please make a new attacking video the most videos are 1 or more Years old so I have no idea which of these work.

  15. BD Skills says:

    how can i make bootable usb using Android… like rufus?

  16. Also try out the dnscrpyt-proxy 😉

  17. Guys is there a way to hack a TV channal singal live?

  18. Red Cloud says:

    I know this video is about kali but I figured it's a good place to ask anyway. I'm new to kali and have lots of questions about kali and virtualbox:
    How do I go full screen

    I've added a low privilege user but I can't find it in users

    I can't copy and paste anymore

    I have auto sign in off on the root profile but it signs in anyway

    When trying to install tor it froze

    My cursor is uncalibrated after changing resolution
    Is there a way to revert to the virtual machine just before it freezes so I don't loose progress

  19. Exeon says:

    Youtube: No hacking videos
    Also Youtube: Watch Null Byte 🙂

  20. Ron Petersen says:

    i have been reading by Donald A. Tevault, "Mastering Linux Security and Hardening ". so if you lock out root can you unlock root too?

  21. cicada says:

    You go to USC?

  22. Should be "Cyber Defence Lab" now that youtube ruined it

  23. y2ksw1 says:

    I didn't know about these features! I secure systems manually, but in the next occasions I'll give it a shot.

  24. bro can you track a lost phone?

  25. Colt says:

    Can anyone tell me the intro music to these videos.

  26. Matte Avana says:

    Guys, do you know why my PC seems to have an ssh port(22) open without any process using it?(I tried to check but nothing, therefore I've not any ssh client and/or software installed.)

  27. no ping says:

    I thought this was in Ubuntu by default? probably not configured with least privilege though

  28. Freem4nn says:

    great info bro !!

  29. tip1: ctrl + right/left arrow => jump entire words to the right /left
    tip2: ctrl + a/e => jump to beginning/end of current line

    These 2 shortcuts massively speed up line editing.

    Really enjoying your videos.

  30. any hint how to block all packages from using the internet except web browser and all needed to set up an internet connection ?

  31. Esoom Ynona says:

    Hey NB, I get to this command: sudo aa-enforce /etc/apparmor.d/* and it produces this -> ERROR: Include file /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/dri-enumerate not found Do you guys have a fix for that?

  32. wow, i am in the 9th minute of video and still no sign of how to securely run unknown apps.

  33. S B says:

    How to limit an app to a specific interface?
    I can't seem to get it to work.