Run OSINT Investigations on Businesses & CEOs [Tutorial]

November 4, 2019 by 31 Comments

How to Spot Fakes & Collect Signatures Through OSINT Investigations
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Local and state governments usually maintain a plethora of business documentation that is open to the public to search. When accessible online, this can be a treasure trove of open-source information for a hacker to take advantage of. We’ll show you how to perform a basic OSINT investigation on businesses that can even yield signatures of company officials, on this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab.

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31 Replies to “Run OSINT Investigations on Businesses & CEOs [Tutorial]”

  1. YourNewTV says:

    Ha Equifax doesn’t care about their customers privacy so I don’t care about theirs. Hahaha. Hacker mentality all the way

  2. MR MR says:

    Tools today, gone tomorrow…. so, what's in those drawers behind you?

  3. GunsDown says:

    can you help me please i am creating a FUD backdoor but the problem is when victim opens that backdoor manually then iam getting a backdoor shell but… i want a auto run backdoor shell which run and listen 24×7..

  4. mar bratton says:

    Do you know of another site that is taking members since the site you told us to check out is not accepting. Something like this would really come in handy for osi challenges and other things.

  5. Koth 7134 says:

    Can you talk about burp suite

  6. Steve Pepin says:

    Useless video. The subject matter is no longer relevant. From the site:
    Q: What happened to the free online search tools?

    On June 6, 2019, the OSINT Tools were removed from the IntelTechniques website.

    The Tools area of the site, along with the previous public forum, have been under constant attack for many months. After upgrading servers twice, the issues seemed under control. Beginning in May of 2019, we saw increased daily DDOS style attacks which caused a complete suspension with our host on June 6th. The tools were being heavily abused daily.

  7. My boy u A straight G V.I 760

  8. U need to do a clip about the behind the scenes u know a look into ur day to day u got it g

  9. inteltechniques forum is not accepting new registrations.

  10. All of these tools are no longer available through the link provided. Still interesting.

  11. dorcel marcs says:

    Je suis une personne handicapée et j'adore l'ordinateur, je vis en Algérie..

  12. Isaac Kay says:

    I bet you he has a web scraper querying for the number of people searching for similar topics that relate to videos he's already made. Once a certain threshold of interest (decided upon by research or data he's found that helps optimize/maximize viewership from the time he posts) has been met on a topic he has an unlisted video for, then it sends a signal to his YouTube API to either post a new video from his local server or make a currently unlisted video from his channel publically available.

    That's just my guess though.
    I have to say I was also a bit surprised to see this video pop up after I had just been conducting OSINT myself not even 12 hours ago haha

    Great video by the way!

  13. OmertaCS says:

    showcasing tools that are no longer available…..quality content

  14. Wow dude, thats nice video. It would be great if you find/make script for crack password for social media like instagram or anything

  15. I love you content! Keep up the great work.

  16. I I says:

    "Because I can't use Priceline anymore" LOL WHAT?! There has to be more to this story!

  17. GDS TUBE says:

    I really see you useful and helpful how can connect with you with personal contact I'm from India give me your WhatsApp number

  18. TEAQL Labs says:

    Im 13 still trying to learn ethical hacking and i need tips.

  19. Grim TM says:

    Nice try… however I worked as a data researcher and this isn't a logical way to track down the important people. Linking the Entity to VP or CEO is by the recorder the most accurate way. If this you have some exp every one can be traced. It's easy! 😂 PS: registered agents are mostly lawyers so forget about it 😉

  20. A B says:

    Is there another similar website. Intel techniques, is not accepting new members and pretty much everything is blocked.

  21. 🤚🏽 Wassup!! Awesome content you put out! Lets stay in touch! 👋🏼

  22. Spell Caster says:

    KODY bro common man these links don’t even exist!! You had this video saved to upload for to long… your video was uploaded 2 weeks ago but the tools section of the site was taken down months ago!! Actually it was taken down exactly 6 days after you posted another video about it… 🤔🧐🤫

  23. NOScancel says:

    Why you aren't using duckduckgo instead of google, I mean it's one of the most data collectors

  24. As they took down the tools one could always use the WBM, gain the links, profit? Good video Null.

  25. For folks who aren't able to find the tools mentioned above in the video, go to

  26. IrishMcCheez says:

    No longer works. Resource tools are not available anymore. No membership options.

  27. It doesn't work anymore, it sucks

  28. dantedamean says:

    The website seems to have removed their tools 😕

  29. W baby says:

    Phone call recorded hacked post place

  30. If I own the google …you will be the ceo

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