Use USB Rubber Ducky Scripts & Payloads on an Inexpensive Digispark Board [Tutorial]

November 22, 2019 by 24 Comments

How to Run Ducky Scripts on a Cheap Digispark Board
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 127

A USB Rubber Ducky is a handy device for hackers who have physical access to a target’s machine. A Digispark is an inexpensive microcontroller board alternative with a smaller but conspicuous form that’s just as effective. Today, we’ll show you how to use Ducky Scripts on a Digispark, on this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab.

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24 Replies to “Use USB Rubber Ducky Scripts & Payloads on an Inexpensive Digispark Board [Tutorial]”

  1. Jiaqin Kang says:

    hi, there seems to be a problem with my digispack. my digispark isn't saving the codes after power off. how do I fix that?

  2. Heidi's Page says:

    This is not tech related to this video but it's the newest so I'm asking here.. If a beginner was headed towards wanting to be ethical hacker what are the most important languages I need to learn and anything else that's important? I already have pi and Linux set up on it

  3. Careful with the ones available on Amazon. I got a pack of them and none of them would hold their programming. You can flash them with an Arduino to fix it but the ones I had were tied up in other projects.

  4. bemonolit says:

    Can yo make tutorial from scratch how to use ruber ducky. Too many shit videos on youtube can you do idiot proof manual for ruber ducky? Thank ypou very much.

  5. Great Video. I bought a few of these months ago and haven't done anything with them yet. This looks like a fun place to start.

  6. I am getting problem of network settings in Kali Linux

    When I'm connecting to bridged adapter, I can't access internet in Kali Linux

    Can u help?

  7. Pleasseeee i cant solve it for almost 3 months!!!
    If write a sketch and run it, then it types in qwerty instead of azerty.
    I tried anything and nothing worked.
    I want a real solution please!
    Edit: i use a azerty keyboard

  8. pi-duino says:

    At 5:50 what would be the Windows file?

  9. Fuchsfalke says:

    I've broke apart an old, huge USD-Stick and used its housing. Seems quite legit.

  10. I tried connecting to my windows 10, but its connecting and disconnecting again and again. Any prereqisites i have to follow, before burning

  11. JXYDXN - says:

    When I try to upload only one light comes on and it doesn't upload

  12. MR. HOUSE says:

    can anyone recommend a place to get an enclosure for it? I've seen 3d printed ones but not for sale.

  13. 6:36 lolololololololololololololol!

  14. once the payload is uploaded, how do you access the digispark to reprogram it without it executing the payload? could you possibly attach a pushbutton that triggers the payload so that if you want to reprogram it you would just plug it in without puching the button and avoid the payloads execution?

  15. FFF Tech says:

    Plot Twist: You just made this video to Rick Roll my ass…

  16. Arash -a says:

    how to hack with "arduino uno" or "arduino nano"

  17. Rick rolled again…. I unsubscribed then smashed m computer and burned down the dogs house and then I died and went to Hell. Gave it a Thumbs up !

  18. You know you suck in life when you use a mac or any apple products

  19. Odimeae says:

    Is there a way that the digispark does not instantly run the script after upload? i mean if u run a mean script it destroys your pc

  20. cant you do it in windows instead of apple crapbooks

  21. Jozef Remiš says:

    Are there any alternatives of USB that don't corrupt your usb port in PC?

  22. SV SHAMAN says:

    what is the CODES. book on the shelf? Been trying to find it…no luck!

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