10 Awesome Minecraft Mods You Have Probably Never Heard Of 11

December 16, 2019 by 27 Comments

Hey everyone! Once again I have 10 more Minecraft mods you have probably never heard of, hopefully you check them out! As always, none of these mods have more than 100k downloads, enjoy!

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Macaw’s Roofs –

Compact Ores –

Ceiling Torch –

Macaw’s Bridges –

Gami’s Mod –

Backpacked –

Wild World –

Disc Holder –

Dawn Of Time –

Magic Kingdoms –


Minecraft Forge –



Oshóva – Mountain’s Lullaby –


27 Replies to “10 Awesome Minecraft Mods You Have Probably Never Heard Of 11”

  1. I got you says:

    I was just scrolling through curseforge and right as he said "ceiling torch mod" I saw it on curseforge

  2. That's why I want a PC!!!!!!!!

  3. Rewatches video
    “I’ve heard of all of these”

  4. me, a good fan, trying to spot the masses of mobs he placed in the intro somwhere

  5. Kongcaspian says:

    What shader did you use in the outro?

  6. @AsianHalfSquat Maelstrom mod just came out for curseforge about a week ago. I think you’ll enjoy it as it adds a lot of content, unique boss fights, and good looking models. With a lightweight story on top of it.

  7. how about Underground Materials?

  8. Mercenes s says:

    1:18 Everyone knows thats created by mrcrayfish

  9. birk ørum says:

    AndyIsYoda's texture pacl (andyisyoda.com – under "andyisyoda". He also has a YouTube channel)

  10. llamas
    also, the ceiling torches are a bit cursed

  11. The backpacked mod is way more popular than you think. The backpacked mod is downloadable on mrcrayfish.com and that is where it gets the most downloads.

  12. Althag says:

    1:33 hmm… smells like Terraria

  13. Lol I knew them all

  14. Rind Majid says:

    This video is about 10 minecraft mods
    But he said you have probably never heard of 11

  15. Born in 04 says:

    420 comments now

  16. Jakob Krauss says:

    I have another new mod! It's a brand new Lucky Block Mod with armor, food,
    structures and weapons. It is definitely worth a test!

    Here is the LInk: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/lucky-block-plus

  17. PeaceLeChat says:

    Hello I'm looking for a mod but I no longer have his name
    It's a mod that lets you see the weapons in so
    For example, when you hold a sword and take a torch, the sword appears on your back
    Could you give me the name of the mod please?

  18. Tentakyular says:

    y u buly me. I stil cant downlohd modz.

  19. PUBGMC is a really underrated amazing mod. The Hunt is also a great one. Both are 1.12.2 but PUBGMC is realising 1.14.4 soon.

  20. Jeans Brand says:

    I like to build fancy roofs so when I saw the first mod, I paused the video, went to the description and downloaded the mod as fast as I could. Honestly, about 90% of the mods I have are from your videos. Keep up the good work!

  21. Mrcrayfish made the backpack mod you explained!!!!!!

  22. Macaw's Bridges now has 2 million downloads, when nearly 7 months ago it only had 36,000.

    jesus christ

  23. That Hyena says:

    G-grass slabs????? I didn't know I needed that

  24. TheYublo? says:

    Me on every single asianhalfsquat vid: SHOW MORE

  25. Bluz says:

    as of late august 2020 these are the amount of downloads these mods have

    Macaws Roofs – 1.8 million
    (from 8 thousand) wow

    Compact Ores – 88 thousand
    (from 200)

    Ceiling Torch – 255 thousand
    (from 58 thousand)

    Macaws Bridges – 2.8 MILLION
    (from 38 thousand) WOW

    Gamis Mod – 1.6 thousand
    (from 300) rip gamis mod

    BackPacked – 550 thousand
    (from 20 thousand)

    Wild World – 62 thousand
    (from 31 thousand) F

    Disk Holder – 6 thousand
    (from 600) F

    Dawn of Time – 50 thousand
    (from 15 thousand)

    Magic Kingdoms – 42 thousand
    (from 4 thousand)

    So in conclusion youtube videos do have a huge impact on these mods, Especially macaws mods he took a fat W.