How Hackers Can Phish Using Social Media Sites

December 16, 2019 by 47 Comments

The Way Hackers Use SocialFish
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 111 (Recut – Partial Episode)

Social media websites are common targets for hackers as most grant access to too much of a target’s life and personal information. On this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll show you a tool called SocialFish, and hackers use it to create phishing login pages for popular social media sites. The more you know, the better you can avoid these types of traps.

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47 Replies to “How Hackers Can Phish Using Social Media Sites”

  1. 5911 Record says:

    Any way to change name of attack url brother reply

  2. Dirty Harbor says:

    Damn he's putting more Knowledge in his vids than he used to.. im Proud man

  3. 滑稽球 says:

    setoolkit looks like good !

  4. Best Gamer says:

    what if we wanna hack throw an android mobile?

  5. SaltinbanK says:

    I think EVILGINX2 is far bettter Kody, you need to buy a domain name, set TLS and SLL on your domain name server that's a fact, but it is more convincing for phishing attack, you can manage a domain name close the origin name of the website you wanna spoof and redirect your target to, plus it is using smart proxies and a MITM attack like and using genuine gateways of social medias instead of a low quality runnng ion "the loopback channel" ( sry i mean non-routable meta-address ) or homemade server without ssl and tls … you can fool 2FA …

    look for it buddy ! keep going thank you for your work !

  6. Saravana K says:

    It's not working for instagram why

  7. eakerz says:

    So much blinking, you must've been hacked 🙂

  8. My instagram account got hacked

  9. DVH Gaming says:

    Can someone plz help my with the ssh haunting im not shure what to do or where to start so if anyone can help me get started like te dowload it and just give me some tips it would be amazing 🤘🏻😋🙈🙈

  10. Can you please Password cracking tool in detail …JTR

  11. Dimitrii says:

    u look like very cool guy

  12. Bhumit Goyal says:

    If anyone knows which version of kali linux does he use then please let me know

  13. Areg 1337 says:

    Heyy Null, what about Apps? I mean like who visits websites nowdays, everyone want their apps on their lil phones?

  14. andr_razvyyy says:

    Who made your intro?

  15. BANNED says:

    I use weeman In stead of social fish

  16. Joe Mack says:

    I watch all ur videos null byte. You rock

  17. I've noticed a new tactic used for trying to get useful publicly available information (not phishing for passwords) on FB. It's similar to a voucher scam, except that the page sends out messages. If you click the 'get started' on FB messenger then they receive all of your publicly available information – for some people this could lead to ID theft depending on what they have public. This tactic means people do not have to go to a page and comment, just press one button. I guess the 'scammers' use an automated system to then harvest all of the publicly available information (probably a chatbot). The good news is that it took FB only one day to close down the offending page after being reported.

  18. How vulnerable is SocialFish to having it's database filled with garbage? That is a standard trick I use when I find a phishing site, give it loads of data that looks legit (randomly built usernames and passwords), but is fake, in an attempt to hide the data of real users. Sometimes just the amount of data will crash the phisher's database too (what you'd expect if they are running on their own system at home). As they are already doing something illegal, they never complain about something that is 'technically' illegal (although, I believe many would find ethical) being done to them…

  19. Kusman last says:

    How to use brupsuit pro crack version because Everyone know community edition is waste and for beginner
    to buy Pro is not possible .
    So can u tell me how use crack version.

  20. Bhumit Goyal says:

    I am new to kali linux
    So i download the latest version (2019.4) and faced problems with the command sudo python3 install while installing evillimiter
    I got error of not having something called "setuptools" in my linux
    Once i downloaded it then i was having other issues
    But after installing the previous version (2019.2) it was all fine
    Is there a way to make 2019.4 have all the things used by 2019.2 plz help

  21. Jenny Patel says:

    Hey kody how are you?
    Can we learn about how botnets are set up and how to perform ddos.😅

  22. When you have no idea of what to do, make some videos about Android hacking! Kkkkk Tmj

  23. Dex says:

    I love to phish kiddies and profit of their down full, hey null byte do a video on Gophish that's a good one I think people would enjoy to understand and its quite complicated sometimes 😁

  24. Roman Bellic says:

    Your videos are really good

  25. Hey kody I have an idea, why not create a wonder how-to app

  26. Can you please make a video on how to use "social engineering toolkit"? Thanks

  27. Sir, can i do this programming on windows. is there come any problem or damage

  28. DVH Gaming says:

    Any ons that i can call that can help me with ssh plz

  29. Relaja TV says:

    Hi, i hope you can help me, i have been struggling with my AWUS036NH usb adapter, I am able to put it in monitor mode without any problem, but when i use airodump-ng, it doesnt show any networks or anything! Im Stuck here i hope you can help me please 🙏🙏🙏

  30. loki lokern says:

    Hello! Would you recommend the ceh or the oscp?

  31. You @Null Byte I'm abig fan of yours and i have a question

  32. danny leone says:

    Keep it up 💪 !

  33. Tyno Swag says:

    why if am trying to open my socialfish url attact on my other device like mobile its not opening its only working on my kali machine

  34. Anurag says:

    Thanks bro👍👍
    It really works
    Can u please make a video on setting up Gophish

  35. Arif says:

    I think YouTube is right to ban this kind of vid but still YouTube should also ban pornographic video too……

  36. Uppy Pasha says:

    Best channel.. EXISTING

  37. cristin jhon says:

    does the login credentials still exist even if i close that particular website??

  38. cristin jhon says:

    and it's not working for twitter

  39. Amazing channel! Guys, i have a rookie question. I set up everything in ubuntu and everything works just fine. The thing is that the link only works in my machine, and if i send it to another person it doesnt work. What should i do? What step im missing? thank you!

  40. frostyboi69 says:

    Do u have to be on the same wifi network

  41. josue aguayo says:

    Does anyone know what laptop he uses for hacking purposes? (Other than Mac OS)

  42. patrcia mure says:

    All thanks to kath.y290 on IG. I could easily get access to my account

  43. Does this redirect me to the fishing page if I go to and if I am connected to the WiFi that the page is made on

  44. Special thanks to freskiehack on insta he is such a genius an expert for your job

  45. Great working with freskiehack on IG he is the perfect one for your job

  46. 0:40 now I see how he's hiding his blinks lol watch closely

  47. Could you look into Tiktok? My sibling uses it and if they are data farming as heavily as everyone believes, I'm afraid that we use the same Network, putting my information at risk. (also haven't seen any videos actually LOOKING into where our data goes and how they take it, so it probably would get a lot of attention.)