How to setup the WiFi Pineapple Tetra in Windows 10 – 2020

December 4, 2019 by 11 Comments

Hello world if you want to learn more about network security, IT, or anything related to technology let me know and let us all learn together. How to install the Wifi Pineapple Tetra – 2019 update? How should I do the process? I am glad you asked, we are going to do that process in this video, let’s go, guys,

This video is absolutely beginner-friendly. If you a beginner then you will have no problem installing the WiFi Pineapple Tetra in Windows 10 with the steps I provide in this video.

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Links for the wifi pineapple tetra:

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11 Replies to “How to setup the WiFi Pineapple Tetra in Windows 10 – 2020 ”

  1. Great video. Could you highlight the use case. What it is used for and who need it?

  2. Cool pineapple :). Can you use for testing wifi networks?

  3. ShelbyGT2112 says:

    Has your 'Time Zone' setting stayed on Eastern time? I have one and set it to Eastern time but even after saving the configuration, it resets back to 'Western Europe'. And I am on version 2.6.2.

    Thanks for the video too. It was nice to see a set up from start to finish. Can't wait to see more videos about the Pineapple.

  4. Dan Gulick says:

    Good stuff, and wifi pineapple is good tool

  5. Tom Goldman says:

    nice tool, you can do wifi pentesting?

  6. Paul willy says:

    Nice pineapple lol. Looks good.

  7. I just got my Pineapple and I'm having some issues with getting it going. I have my ethernet from my 8 port switch connected to it's LAN Port, The USB-Y cable is plugged in with the bigger USB A side plugged into my WIndows 10 PC and the mIcro-USB side plugged into the pineapple's eth1 port. On windows it just cycles through Identifying then, disconnects, and Identifying again. Any help appreciated

  8. TheLilia7x says:

    What can you do with this?

  9. Skooop says:

    The website for the pineapple tetra isn't working for me, do some of you guys have the same problem?

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