Infosec Pat and Keith Barker CCIEx2 CBT Nugget Trainer interview 2020. Feeling blessed

December 11, 2019 by 10 Comments

Hello world if you want to learn more about network security, IT or anything related to technology let me know and let us all learn together.

Today I was able to have the pleasure of chatting with the best trainer and IT professional I know in the business. The man himself Keith Barker, he is the head CBT Nugget trainer. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to chat with someone that had a big impact on my life. Thanks, Keith for all you do.

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This video shows you the steps I told to get into IT and get IT certifications.

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Sorry about the audio at the beginning of the video. I need to get a better microphone and its coming very soon. Thanks for understanding

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10 Replies to “Infosec Pat and Keith Barker CCIEx2 CBT Nugget Trainer interview 2020. Feeling blessed ”

  1. Duuude! Thats awesome that you bowl AND skateboard! I used to skateboard too! Ive been dying to pick it up again!

  2. This so so cool Pat. I love CBT Nuggets. Love your story.

  3. Keith is the best. Lucky you Pat. Great video.

  4. David Jordan says:

    Pat you are the man. Your channel has to get more subs and likes. You are such a great guy.

  5. ZeroDayJames says:

    Great to get to know you a little bit more Pat! Big ups to a fellow skater Thanks for your story keep it up

  6. Nice story Pat and nice to see you beig interviwed by the great and only Keith. Buddy keep going, nice content and nice channel!

  7. Marty Henson says:

    You skateboard? whaaaaaa Love that.

  8. Peter Fisher says:

    nice that is great, love you guys.

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