Intercept Packets with Sniffglue Without Opening Yourself Up to Zero-Days [Tutorial]

December 2, 2019 by 31 Comments

How to Intercept Wireless Packets with Sniffglue
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 130

Recon is vital to a pentester’s or hacker’s plan of attack. Passive scanners are great for showing you what’s going on in a network as well as to identify potential targets. Today, on this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll introduce you to Sniffglue — a sand boxed network scanner that protects you from root vulnerabilities while scanning.

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31 Replies to “Intercept Packets with Sniffglue Without Opening Yourself Up to Zero-Days [Tutorial]”

  1. What brand is your laptop?

  2. 滑稽球 says:

    How to use mailsnarf ?

  3. StadyCool says:

    Is there any way to just capture the packets/requests of a particular application?

  4. Rarzwon says:

    Mom: Where are you going?
    Me: Gonna go sniff glue at Starbucks
    Mom: Well at least you're not into that hacking stuff anymore…

  5. AAsd GUuu says:

    Tbh the way it outputs the data is pretty messy to me , when u save it to like any file does it at least look organized? Like a line for every packet but I think it’s from the verbose mode anyway thank u so much

  6. Jakob Wilson says:

    You should do a tutorial on ssl stripping and data analysis from wireshark <3

  7. mand ooof1 says:

    Man I swear they completely fucked up this channel he used to upload really good videos,man fuck youtube

  8. Show us a demo how SCAP works

  9. I knew sniffing glue wasn't as bad as they said it was. Look at me, I'm fine!

  10. Citadel King says:

    How can we find active accounts names on same network ?

  11. Citadel King says:

    How can we find active accounts names on same network ? PLEASE

  12. Citadel King says:

    How can we find active accounts names on same network ? Like Snapchat

  13. Citadel King says:

    How can we find active account names on same network ? pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  14. comatr0n says:

    imagine you would date this guy. he knows you better than you do before you say "hi!". jk. GREAT content bro!

  15. I dont know why would i download sniffing tools that all do the same thing this is meaningless there are alot of tools we can compare exactly to this one.SHIT i can program one of these with Python and a hint of C

  16. Marlboro says:

    Guys telling to Null Byte to blink not gonna work try like this:
    Null Byte
    Sudo Blink

  17. Qasim Sh says:

    hey i am trying to run on latest kali linux which is 2019.4 and the command is not working "sudo apt install libpcap-dev libseccomp-dev"
    kindly help me

  18. Rob says:

    How is this different then tcpdump?

  19. Is it possible to hack into a iphone i want to start unlocking them and putting them back on the market

  20. Anyone who can teach me cyber security please

  21. azimut says:

    headless, portable and with some nice default parsers…might be especially useful to write your own parser for something really specific you need to watch happen live

  22. I'm using Kali and after typing ~/.cargo/bin I have a message"no such file or directory"

  23. Even when you don't have access to the network, you can still play havoc. If you ID, for example, a network server lots of clients connected, you can set up a rouge router with identical MAC address but wrong security credentials which will confuse the clients and get them booted from the network – a wireless DOS.

  24. mrkiky says:

    Launch a DDoS Attack with ShootUpH Without Opening Yourself Up to Zero-Days [Tutorial]
    Jam WiFi Networks with SnortCocaine Without Opening Yourself Up to Zero-Days [Tutorial]

  25. The hacking community reminds me so much of the online-piracy community. 20 thousand views, but we are all here for "education" none of us would ever use it irl. Just like how everyone only needs to know how to torrent to download fan fictions and works in the public domain.

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