IT Certifications or A College Degrees – Which is better for an IT career? From InfoSec Pat – 2019.

December 8, 2019 by 9 Comments

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This video is about IT Certifications vs College Degrees – Which is better for an IT career? From InfoSec Pat – 2019.

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9 Replies to “IT Certifications or A College Degrees – Which is better for an IT career? From InfoSec Pat – 2019.”

  1. Keep up the good work 👌, I've got to stick to one thing and master it! Got my ICND1 on Nov 28th now onto ICND2, want to eventually end up in cyber security.

  2. Owobo Gbenga says:

    Great video, thanks

  3. I really enjoy your videos and content, congratulations Pat you have an excellent Youtube channel, keep going.

    I will like to make a change in my career to IT (I have a Bachelor degree but is in Business Administration).
    My problem is I'm 45 years old and for me maybe, starting an Madter Degree in IT will be too much time if after that I will get some Certs, so I decided take the Certifications Path. I have now a couple of months studying between Network+ and CCENT (Net+ is with the purpose to get the basic knowledge but I'm not planning on take the test/cert) and because with the CISCO changes I'm not on time to get the 2 tests CCNA path. So now I'm studying to take the new CCNA and then I'm thinking to take the Security+ or the VCA DBT as my second or third certs.

    At this time I'm not sure yet what way to follow because I make a general research and I liked what I saw from many of the main fields (as Network Engineer, Cloud, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacker, PenTesting or Virtualization) but because I don't have the knowledge to compare and decide where I will like to specialized myself.

    My question to you is what do you recommends to me (to get the knowledge and be able to compare which one I liked most or which one fit better for me?). Did I must try a specific certification or courses where I can compare them?.

    What do you suggest me?
    Thank You for your help.

  4. Ebo Sac says:

    Just tweeted u bro
    I love your teaching i wish u help me more😊

  5. Thanks for your opinion man and i totally agree with that 👌
    Just enjoy the jurney indeed 😍

  6. Fouad Tariq says:

    How to get into IT management? Thank you for all what you do!

  7. I would like some info that I can't find

  8. Jaasir Q says:

    Hey quick questions as Ive done alot of research and pretty much know my path but want your opinion regarding security or other certs.
    I have a
    Comp Sci degree
    CYSA+ taking in 2 weeks
    Skipping CEH(Cost to return ratio)
    CCNA(skipping )
    CISSP Asssociate

    After CYSA looking towards OSCP as Ive been studying linux, neworking and security to get ready for OSCP. CISSP ass probably after I have 2 years of direct security experience.

    Do you see the security trend going a certain way that would warrant me getting any other certs before OSCP that would help with penetration testing, OSCP and filling in gaps in knowledge? I find myself lacking in networking but going into CCNA seems like a waste of time or am I looking at it the wrong way?

    Current skills I do have is programming in C++, Python, Java
    Database- Mysql
    Web development- Html, CSS, Javascript
    linux CLI
    Im already on HTB, DVWA try hack me and pretty trying to be ready for OSCP before I buy it. Im in a position where I got a job that will take 1 year minimum to process(clearance) and currently working Help desk due to losing SWE offer in march cus of corona.

  9. How to become a network engineer?
    Which is best certification or degree?