Minecraft UHC but there is no STONE or DIRT…

December 25, 2019 by 48 Comments

absolute panic mode
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48 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but there is no STONE or DIRT…”

  1. 13:44 I mean he did name himself and it was the perfect situation soooooo

  2. Phoenix Dyer says:

    Knees weak arms are heavy vomit on his sweater already he's nervous but on the surface he look calm and to drop combs but he keep on forgetting what he wrote down the whole crown goes so loud eyo pins his mouth but the words won't come out everybody choking now times up over small back to reality oop there goes gravity nope he won't have he knows his backslash

  3. Ultra Gamer says:

    Do something like no ores but u can enchand wood at like sharpnes X and make armor of wood

  4. Gravel: falls.

  5. FocusSmash says:

    16:29 that sentence didnt age well Sadge

  6. Blue Wolf says:

    Where is bedrock??????(?????

  7. Imagine if u spawned on a dirt block and fall all the way through

  8. "I didnt realized how much live there is in this game"
    Geologists: 🤨

  9. If there were no stone or dirt, everyone in the country would not be in poverty

  10. I love your vids TAPL!!!!!

  11. Next video: Minecraft UHC but every time you smelt kelp an OP sheep spawns…….

  12. Julian Folts says:

    that just sounds like x-ray with extra steps

  13. Video tip: Minecraft uhc But everyone has x-Ray

  14. Minecraft UHC but you have to play through events of Pompeii 5th time asking

  15. Dead Pixel 6 says:

    Flat earth confirmed

  16. …I'm pretty sure the title is no dirt and stone but it did not say no bedrock

  17. Umm? Golden diamonds?

  18. he sounds dead in this video

  19. Stone…wait how are you supposed to mine without a stone pick axe?

  20. Cam Conatser says:

    I only watched this video because I lost my enchanted diamond armor in lava so I rage quit and saw this.

  21. CTB Mook says:

    Why the texture pack though

  22. This map more likely look like tb 2t

  23. Ahmad Ali says:


  24. Denis David says:

    I hate poeple taht cnat speel

  25. Yiğit Mirza says:

    4:53 casually yeets the diamond in the void

  26. Connor Brior says:

    I would watch the whole thing but that texture pack hurts my eyes too much.

  27. Seth Sack says:

    Think about that one x-rayer who just fell win the void and thought he was lagging or something

  28. Chao Geng says:

    Lol there is dirt

  29. Anmol Sharma says:

    I like the tapl sheep face

  30. Ok everything is good but the texture pack really sucks

  31. amagin he was god or breesily bridgin over

  32. Lolllolololoolloilol

  33. MyxD_iDrxp says:

    7:017:03 Me: I have a new title plan. Title is Everyone watch this and skip to 7:01

  34. DustyDeer says:

    Id have collected resources for a diamond shovel and well. Yknow the rest.

  35. Owen Wade says:

    The elegant creek critically prevent because building congruently heal opposite a vulgar chocolate. luxuriant, petite pizza

  36. barnat mato says:

    what is the what is the server host

  37. Chillerriver says:

    Gravel makes me more pissed then loosing a full set of Diamond armor

  38. Dorito Crum says:

    In other words xray lol

  39. Dani Hope says:

    Nooo my heads kinda bleeding alittle tell everyone I am