Where Intel is in REAL Trouble… – AMD EPYC Server Upgrade

December 25, 2019 by 39 Comments

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Our editing server is in dire need of an upgrade, and let’s just say that this one is going to be EPYC…

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39 Replies to “Where Intel is in REAL Trouble… – AMD EPYC Server Upgrade”

  1. wyatt greene says:

    That’s not that bad 7tb

  2. Let's appreciate for a moment these pre pandemic times where you weren't locked in at home when sick.

  3. I know this video is old, but I had to ask: Why a Software RAID? I'm sure that Box can do a Hardware RAID.

  4. DanDS2 says:

    Thats a cool computer

  5. Zirkumspeer says:

    I want Steve-O Building my new Workstation 😀

  6. ruediix says:

    I notice Seasonic has been a regular sponsor.

    Seasonic does make the widest range of power supplies, as well as the best server and small footprint models. Good choice for them to sponsor a tech nerd program.

  7. ruediix says:

    You should consider for the next redo using KVM-Zen VM to handle your Windows boot and convert all those drives to a single virtual block device. I sure your Linux nerd suggested that, though.

    Just watched the rest, you switched to Linux.

    You can still run the Windows share server in VM on the same system to relay the FreeNAS disks to the whole network in a full featured Windows share, instead of the limited implementation of SMB. That is, if you need the features of Windows VM.

    However, you might be hitting a Microsoft cripple system wit the speed cap.

    As a note, on the ZFS, it doesn't agree with every drive arrangement. It can be a really temperamental beast. You might want to stick to a VFS level RAID and then format plain ol' F2FS.

  8. Zeromega 3 says:

    His voice is gonna be so deep after this, I can't wait. But honestly his poor voice, working through that sore throat along with other things that come along with it. I'm sure his throat was so weak after all that talking

  9. Freaky Snuke says:

    The more you've watched Linus before this video the more his voice sounds cursed to you.

  10. Randomosity says:

    U finally became a man?


  12. Linus sick:
    2020 comment sections: Corona!

  13. ChilledChaos says:

    Ate blowies in this thing?

  14. rurikvan says:

    Bluedisc per seconds…. new unit that i will use XD

  15. sigh…. that didnt take long….

  16. Braver Kevin says:

    His balls finally dropped

  17. 123Dunebuggy says:

    The moment when Linus hit puberty.

  18. Linus: *sniffs a line of thermal paste, starts the Server, Puts his dingeling into the fans, takes the Server and throws it on the Ground, pees on it, hits his own balls": WELCOME TO LTT!

  19. 1:38 it makes me want to see what it is more than normal ads

  20. Sick Linus sounds a lot like hellium Linus.

  21. Bill Cipher says:

    Id say sick linus sounds worse than normal linus but thats not true it cant get worse than normal linus

  22. L’IL WANG says:

    His voice is …..

  23. L’IL WANG says:

    At least his balls dropped lol

  24. Linus passed through puberty

  25. gai azz says:

    I thought his voice was gonna be a voice over prank

  26. Jared Steele says:


  27. why does he sound like that?

  28. wtf with his voice. I cant watch this video

  29. Dhruv Singh says:

    This guy talks as if everyone knows about this stuff.

  30. NightMares says:

    this man hits puberty randomly and unhits them later HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE

  31. Sibal Krutik says:

    Your voice is so different man…
    Your so sick and still working…
    Appreciate your efforts 👍😁🙂

  32. This video makes my throat hurt.

  33. He sounds like Jesse from Breaking Bad when he’s sick.

  34. Every title be like "Intel is in trouble" there's no time when Intel is not in trouble 😂. In india only gamers know about AMD and only pro gamers. Normal people in India only know about Intel becoz they are for a lot of tym in India

  35. Chun Hong Wu says:

    you sound great! My cat is not running away when I watch this video

  36. Addi Korn says:

    linus crack tips