Building a Better Windows 98 PC! The Megaluminum Monster

January 3, 2020 by 34 Comments

In 2019 we put together the Lazy Green Giant: a Win98 Pentium III computer with Voodoo 3 and Aureal Vortex 2 cards. Can’t say I was ever 100% satisfied with it so it’s time for a rebuild! Now with a SCSI2SD hard disk replacement, 360k floppy drive, and dual sound cards. AWE yeah.

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34 Replies to “Building a Better Windows 98 PC! The Megaluminum Monster”

  1. LGR says:

    Since making this video I've installed a SCSI extension, DVD-ROM, HDD indicator etc. Check out the update video here!

  2. Just Great , Love to Hear and See some DOS Games on this , I Liked your Paneling casre , this one looks like it'll sound better , Thanks 🙂 QC

  3. Pimp out a packard bell 386 with all of it

  4. Ask Me says:

    What motherboard is that? Looks like one I have sitting around.

  5. Zak Hanson says:

    Aloominum 😂 shit I love American accents

  6. @LGR has a 3.5 inch.

  7. Evan Malone says:

    Dude as soon as your layers start building up like that, the entire job is a lost cause. Peel it off and start over. Also, try floating your cans in a bucket of hot water next time. I've done a lot of plasti-dip jobs and that is the ticket. Plasti doesn't have a texture if you do it right.

  8. Mike Johnson says:

    666k views? Yikes 😬

  9. I like how the old power cables connected to the cd or floppy drive form a star at 6:15

  10. You could have plasti-dip it and got a few layers of matte clear coat. That looked really nice! Hope you try it! 😁

  11. ̵ says:


  12. ̵ says:

    imagine still using windows 98 in 2020

  13. soniccdx says:

    this case used to cost and arm and a leg last time where i`m from..

  14. Mayravixx says:

    That one rich kid in the 90's:

  15. harddrive go brttrhrclunk

  16. Deraco1 says:

    As always great video! Actually shined some light on older 8/16bit sound samples for midi music. Didn't know the differences lol

  17. Sen Pei says:

    as far as I can find, the best baby AT motherboard is M729 by PCCHIPS, it supports pentium 3 800MHz and 1.5Gb Ram, it is fully funtional with win xp sp3. I use SCSI drive to install winxp

  18. Man you have all the stuff we had in the 90s. My dad had a Sound blaster Awe64 Gold sound card. Thats nuts!

  19. 10:20 Building a pc but in reverse

  20. It’s crazy to think that in 20 years or so, this same thing will be happening with like a 3090 and a 10900K

  21. I have multiple new vintage full tower cases, and mid-tower cases that are from 23-26 years ago.. I need to clear out my storage

    Hit me if you are interested, and Ill send you some pics by later this coming week when I get to my storage spot!

  22. I have an SB Awe 32 sound card and it was my favorite of them all.. It actually was larger than the Awe 64 and it came with expansion options as well. It was definitely better than the newer Live cards I am running in some newer machines, which dont play very nice with vintage games from more than 20 years ago.

  23. Cayden says:

    This looks so clean and pleasing to look at. I want to build a 98/xp machine for the nostalgia.

  24. QRSamuel says:

    I have a similar lian li PC case that's like 3x the size of yours

  25. Mark Douglas says:

    I know it was a while back, but this was a total joy to watch. So many memories with a really nice modern twist. Very cool!

  26. I am probably the only person who thinks this but I think that old grey 98 pc’s always had more character than newest pc’s

  27. where did you get the case? Got a name or link?

  28. So What says:

    The dreaded IRQ conflicts….

  29. Hi. You go to sand it with perhaps 80 to 600 grit (test which one cling better, then paint white first so the actual pops better).

    God bless, Rev. 21:4

  30. SD Cards worked with Windows 98? Cool.