Minecraft UHC but all the stone is replaced with GLASS…

January 9, 2020 by 46 Comments

glass edition
Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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46 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but all the stone is replaced with GLASS…”

  1. Cartoon texture pack but the stone is just glass??

  2. Terieroo says:

    23.02.2021 hmmm 69k likes……..

  3. not2019 be looking like a porcupine

  4. Anna Galal says:

    People copy you.

  5. Kai Lunden says:

    4:49 i have fullbright!

  6. Logan Sharp says:

    he sounds like typical gamer

  7. ace gamer says:

    It wasn’t even a texture pack

  8. ace gamer says:

    Wait how do you get a stone pickaxe

  9. Do invisible trees challenge 😂

  10. The game look so weird even if I did not have the glass

  11. Otis Welling says:

    you need to do super flat and alot of viliges

  12. Are the silver fish blocks glass?

  13. Sick Duds says:

    Wait this is from 2020 Wtf lmfao

  14. Akhman says:

    what is that intro song?

  15. 13:43 you can become a storm trooper

  16. 9:00 tries to make a diamond chest

  17. Trent Boult says:

    The oval step-uncle habitually like because pantyhose holoprosencephaly frame about a friendly hardware. , green grey grieving morocco

  18. Editor Gamer says:

    The sun is your face tapl

  19. replace all stone with lots of different wool

  20. H18 _KZ says:

    3:05 why did the pig had black eyes 😅?

  21. alternative title: Minecraft UHC but x-ray is turned on

  22. jack Ramires says:

    Spear thing is diamond s

  23. The sun was his face

  24. Nightmarez says:

    Alternative Title: Minecraft UHC But We Have X-ray

  25. Uhc but it's a flat world with random loot chests

  26. Harry Moran says:

    me wondering what this texture pack is

  27. Gian Sieger says:

    how do you get a furnace?

    edit: just realized you circumvented that problem

  28. david logan says:

    How do you get a stone sword or anything

  29. How they gonna make stone tools 🙂

  30. 0:22: kills a chicken in slow mo

  31. Aven Wills says:

    No one:
    Me when I see all the lightning: The titan shifter sure are busy today.

  32. But why not make granite and other gross stuff glass too it hurts my eyes

  33. Someone said in the Minecraft chat plz don’t ban me for x ray

  34. The jittery snail especially back because haircut postsurgically tremble including a placid pendulum. tight, beautiful cooking

  35. imagine saying imagine to have people read til the end of ur cmnt 😔😩

  36. Alternative title: I have X-ray

  37. Anees Brohi says:

    Your pack download easy mods easy i am download easy pack

  38. SeanFajardo says:

    Guys is gapples means golden apple??
    Notch means????