Should you buy a $50 CPU??

January 19, 2020 by 42 Comments

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At just $50 AMD’s new Athlon 3000G looks darn compelling – but can we overclock it enough for it to make sense for gamers?

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42 Replies to “Should you buy a $50 CPU??”

  1. Use code LINUS and get 25% off GlassWire at

  2. ionut taranu says:

    so you're telling me a 50 bucks cpu is faster than my 500 usd laptop? 4 years must be dog years for tech

  3. Who needs a case, restricts airflow.

  4. Wow quarantine beard and no barber really changed linus's look 9 months later. He doesn't look like a badly rendered early-2000s cgi character out of need for speed cutscene.

  5. Phonso says:

    imagine someday we'll have APUs with the graphics power of today's GPUs

  6. brob says:

    $50 cpus exist so I can update the bios on my b450 motherboard then throw it out

  7. Roe Mantic says:

    Come on Man give us the outtakes from the manscape part. Ball condition er!

  8. RDilux says:

    Redo this video with dual channel memory instead of single channel

  9. "Windows" the only app behaving badly…

  10. Tom S says:

    I want to know how the intergrated graphics perform on a decent chip. I am trying to build a cheap PC for someone for Christmas mainly for kid use but wouldn’t hurt for the dad to be able to play some kind of modern title at decent frame rates on low-med settings. I’m not trying to spend 700 on a present so it would be nice to just do like ..random hard drive and ssd I have laying around a case a MB chip and ram LOL

  11. G1ades says:

    Can u guys suggest me some mainboards support HDMI 2.0,3000Mhz ram(no OC required),ryzen 3000 series with radeon vega?

  12. Das Faust says:

    Because of YouTube these processors are no longer $50

  13. OMG ITS TX says:

    By th way there is something called the intel core i5 9600k 4.6ghz £150

  14. another youtube star who isnt smart and or experienced or practical.
    any idiot can make money on this place damn

  15. Caleb J says:

    Still wish they tried to OC the shit out of that thing

  16. OrDxOrD says:

    old video but, thi sshould be redone with dual channel ram

  17. Budget system:golden ram with only diamonds and a only rog motherboard and only 2000watts psu

  18. I wish it was still only 50 dollars

  19. I have a I5 6500 (6 year old cpu)
    Me:playing fortnite or other games on low settings on low grafics on a gtx 1650
    (Cap on 60fps )
    The cpu : 100%

  20. flightless says:

    I haven't even watched it fully and already know its better then my stock one

  21. Ikr this is 9 months old, but about the ram thing – don't know Canada but in my country there's almost no difference between some shitty Adata modules and Crucial Ballistix with Micron B-dies

  22. me watching this video on my Pentium G3240 hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  23. the amd bulldozer is also 50 dollars and it has 6 cores and 6 threads

  24. How did you overclock with the stock cooler?

  25. Weazel News says:

    My 1070 in my laptop with a NVME SSD and a I7 7700HQ plays almost anything on high. 😃

  26. SystemRed09 says:

    Apple would buy this in a heartbeat, then sell it for 6x the price.

  27. Yeah Linus’ definition of “low-end budget” is $1,000 or more.

  28. Theunknown says:

    28 fps on 1080p medium is fine by me

  29. michael says:

    When a pentium outperforms your i5 2400

  30. sad R3 3100 noises

  31. joshua paz says:

    The fact that he has single channel memory god I wanna kill myself😂

  32. Manny Suriel says:

    Linus basically fried the CPU trying to overclock it

  33. Ozyman says:

    where is dual channel? D:

  34. If you gonna do it, do it smart
    single channel
    Fifty dollars more: 1/4 of salary in my country
    Okay this looks like rich children discovering how bikes work and saying: car is faster

  35. W8LT3R says:

    The Best PC YouTube
    1# Linus Tech Tips
    2# Tech Source

  36. supertaco22 says:

    whoa is that a samsung sync master p2350? i thought i was the only one rocking that monitor still

  37. NinJ360 says:

    Wth I have that Samsung monitor

  38. Fl!pp!nBeats says:

    Linus belike: "Remember, this is a budget system"
    Uses Trident Z Royal

  39. This chip is overrated!
    If FPS matters; I recommend an Intel Pentium Gold CPU for an ultra budget gaming PC.

    This is based on the benchmarks I saw when pairing with a reasonable GPU.
    I'm looking into more. I want to do a video on this APU soon.

  40. Pavao Mrazek says:

    Hey, it is too good for 50$