SIXTEEN Cores for the Price of EIGHT!

January 4, 2020 by 26 Comments

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26 Replies to “SIXTEEN Cores for the Price of EIGHT!”

  1. Paper Plain says:

    Sick Linus sounds like an entirely different person

  2. i skipped forward cuz i didnt wanna see the whole video and wow he hit peuberty hard

  3. ugh i miss sick voice no beard linus. sort of…manly linus is nice, but this reminds me of the before times. back when we didnt have covid

  4. -Rap Edits- says:

    why does sick linus kinda sound like steve-o

  5. ChaosHusky says:

    Considering you're running this on SERVER CPUs from like 2011/12 on socket 2011 with DDR3 ECC.. And the AMD machine is what, 2019? I don't think it did that bad really, i was surprised myself, but this isn't exactly a great comparison.. If the surprisingly stable motherboard could have let you overclock, plus assuming the VRMs could handle that, and it was something newer than Ivy Bridge, would kick more arse but probably not for the same price. I'm still amazed what my much older Xeon machines can still do though.. The main problem in the industry is still (de)optimization of code and routines really.. Isn't just Apple doing that with their OSes! 😛 Game engines, thread management, drivers… As far as things have come, software has to catch up again!

  6. Why are all their gpu brackets always bent and deformed? Damn

  7. dojutsuL says:

    my guy caught covid mid-video lmao

  8. md daddy says:

    i was skipping a few parts of the video, then suddenly thought "who the hell is that speaking"

  9. Geordie Star says:

    Is that a deep fake lmao? 5:40

  10. i mean the voice kinda shrexy

  11. When your soul get corrupted by using chinese components, so your voice starts getting corrupted too…

  12. Linus your alter-voice sound awesome. Do it more often (if falling sick is what it takes).

  13. For BOINC projects, it's perfect =)

  14. Key R says:

    like for voice)))

  15. Dr C0ke1 says:

    Linus's balls finally dropped


  17. Wayne Cruz says:

    He's got the communist cough

  18. wait is linux using voice changer? or when did he get so deeper voice tho

  19. Linus: YESSSS 16 Cores DUAL REFURBISHED XEON!!!!

    Linus: YESSSS 64 Cores THREADRIPPER!!!

    Me: Oh, I only have two good CPUs in my house

    Another person in my family has 7th gen i7
    And I Have 9th gen core i9 9900K (my Gaming PC)

  20. Linus has finally hit puberty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. He went from squealing lesbian to stoner dude bro to apple presenter in 3 cuts

  22. Too bad he didn't watercool it, else I could've said his voice reached Equilibrium

  23. Trust me Linus, no one is gonna buy your shirt over a new pc.

  24. NightMares says:

    googles can u hit puberty in the age of 40

  25. Willard says:

    Thought that was stev-o….

  26. Linus sounds like an angsty teen

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