Updating my Atari Missile Command Arcade Machine!

January 31, 2020 by 41 Comments

We’ve got some restoration work to do on this retro arcade game! Adding high score saving, improving and customizing the coin door, upgrading the coin mechs, making a new operation sheet, applying new stickers, and even trying out Super Missile Attack.

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41 Replies to “Updating my Atari Missile Command Arcade Machine!”

  1. LGR says:

    Someone's already gotten in touch offering to help make some professional-looking "1 coin = 1 play" stickers!
    Along with many other helpful tidbits and offers, so thank you. Y'all are awesome 😀

  2. Bit Rage says:

    why didnt you use the front caps from the new ones and use the old backs?

  3. Olivertwist says:

    i really liked the custom label lol

  4. zek Darkwood says:

    200 dollars. This man put 200 dollars I to an arcade machine. Just for the aesthetic.

  5. David Evens says:

    Wow, you still have that frightening-looking PSU in your machine.

  6. David Evens says:

    I'm pretty sure they were just using the same coin mechanisms as were going into pinball machines. The last time those would have been changed was about 1965 when circulation quarters were changed to their modern copper-nickle sandwich design from silver and the weight changed (so the slug rejection mechanism had to be adjusted).

    The coin mechanisms change less for many countries than you might expect, as many friendly countries have a coin of similar size and value to a US quarter. Canada has a 35 cent count almost identical in size and weight to a US quarter, but worth proportionately less (anywhere from 15 to 27 US cents during my lifetime). The UK has a 10 pence piece that is, again, almost identical to a US quarter in size and weight, and is worth something in the range of 18 to 22 cents US in recent years. (Things tend to be costly in the UK, btw. A vending machine price for a 500 ml Coke was a full Pound, which was about $2.20 Canadian at the time I was there in 2005, more than the price of a 2 Liter bottle in Canada at supermarket prices now.)

  7. No one:
    LGR: I withdraw SOME quarters

    Me: If I may ask, how is $200 worth of quarters just…"some"?

  8. Now there is Missile Command Recharged on Mobile-it’s fun! Just found out about this game today…I also finally broke 10,000 points in Missile Command part of Retro Atari Classics on Nintendo DS…you inspired me to play Missile Command on Nintendo DS….I have a Missile Command mini arcade from CVS Pharmacy bought in the early 2000’s….I would like Basic Fun to make a Missile Command Mini Arcade…I would buy that!

  9. jbattjr1 says:

    Not sure if you already fixed it, but the car headlight cleaner plastx is good for cleaning up the plastic scratches on your coin reject buttons. Great work!

  10. what would be cool to do is that when u press the coin rejection button it detects it as if a coin was inserted.

  11. Wheel333 says:

    We played this for so long we got banned from our local leisure centre.

  12. Ryuusei Date says:

    12:32 saved for the NIIIICE.

  13. Ash Nigchum says:

    Soak the paper in some coffee and let it dry. Should give you that yellowed aged look.

  14. DenkyMan says:

    I love this whole project and the attention to detail

  15. dragnridr05 says:

    I would have replaced all the lightbulbs with LEDs.

  16. Rory Kurek says:

    I already have too many expensive hobbies, LGR. Don't you do this to me!

  17. MrBlitzNZ says:

    God I love old arcade machines.

  18. Bob3519 says:

    If i would've had this while my kids were growing up I'd be rich! Oh wait? 😬

  19. AFX Gaming says:

    You should try polishing those buttons, would really look great

  20. turbo2600 says:

    Do you have a Switch? I just downloaded a modern take on the game… it’s surprisingly good! Missile Command: Recharged

  21. “Bottom left” *proceeds to continuously show bottom right for the next 54 seconds 2:453:39

  22. paspax says:

    Some car polish will take the worst of the scratches out of the coin reject buttons.

  23. DecafToaster says:

    They may be small upgrades, but boy are they satisfying to watch. As soon as you mentioned replacing the coin return labels, I knew the LGR logo was coming in! I love that reference/test chart on the back panel. Seeing it lined up perfectly through the electronics when you reinstalled it was my favorite part. I also gained some insight on how to play Missile Command. I had it on my 2600 but I had no idea how to play it as a kid and haven’t thought about it since. Now I wanna give it another shot!

  24. Dylan says:

    Your voice is so relaxing plus the music

  25. Very nice little original details there. Love the idea of putting a ton of coins in the coin tray for the "correct" money drop sound! A lot of work obviously went into this. Glad it payed off!

  26. Now I know why there is a national coin shortage, they are all in LGR's arcade machine.

  27. Funny thing, the version that introduced me to this game was the PS! remake from 1999-2000. I came back to the original through MAME, and I had a blast.

  28. Fun Fact: General Computer Corporation(GENCOMP) is the same company who made the original version of Ms. Pac-Man, called "Crazy Otto". Namco's distributor at the time, Midway, were growing impatient with Namco to make a sequel to Pac-Man to keep interest alive(this was before the Video Game Crash of '83).
    Gencomp showed off Crazy Otto to Midway, who were so impressed that they bought the project from Gencomp and further modified it into what we now know as Ms. Pac-Man.

  29. Henry Hunter says:

    Putting in 800 coins just to get the right sound of the coin tray? You're such a lovable dork Clint, don't change 🙂

  30. Sinister cause presents the force awakens on YouTube

  31. bobo turboto says:

    next project – custom arcade machine with emulation 🙂

  32. Jared says:

    This is a very interesting idea to use as a type of piggy bank! you want to save your coins for later, you can, and you get to play a quick game for it!

  33. My best arcade game was 'side arms'. I could play it (eventually) until I gave up (with a crowd around me). Some were GIRLS.

  34. mansharker8 says:

    Since it uses the 6502 processor, maybe it can have a soft mod to run other arcade roms on it? such as the super mario arcarde game, and a few others? That would be awesome.

  35. 2020 coin shortage explained. 🙂 thx for the video!

  36. RAMChYLD says:

    Well, single value coin slots are really simple. It’s the multi-denomination types that are complicated AF.

  37. T DoubleU says:

    gets out as wet teabag and runs it over the self test sheet ..instant old

  38. BEEF WEDGIE says:

    I got an Out Run cab in June. Works like a charm after I replaced the caps.

  39. Rubycon99 says:

    I'd want the label that mentions the "Susan B. Anthony coin" for that Malaise Era flair.