10 Awesome Minecraft Mods You’ve Probably Never Heard Of 2020

February 24, 2020 by 42 Comments

Looking for some new, high quality Minecraft mods? Here are 10 Minecraft mods you have quite possibly never heard of, all available for the newest versions. Enjoy!

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Double Slabs –

Buzzier Bees –

Valhelsia Structures –

Ropes Mod! –

Blue Skies –

Torch Slabs Mod –

Stairway to Aether –

Macaw’s Windows –

Earth Mobs –

Sword Blocking Combat –


Minecraft Forge –



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42 Replies to “10 Awesome Minecraft Mods You’ve Probably Never Heard Of 2020”

  1. Other than the rope and window mod all of these mods would fit perfectly into vanilla minecraft. Take notes mojang

  2. Thx it makes minecraft great and look like earth

  3. Mr. P says:

    why are there cows in the background

  4. Ah yes c o w I n t r o

  5. SAMMIE hi says:

    Pls make a video that curseforge ist in it

  6. Hydra says:

    Sword parrying is a univeral sign of peace
    Me: I I
    I / I
    Does anyone even know what this is

  7. Josh P says:

    R these compatible with 1.16.1?

  8. Every time millions of cows have to die

  9. Koi Bhi Hindi Bolo

  10. MrHybrid7541 says:

    No One:
    AsanhalfSquat: Making an intro with something funny happening in the background

  11. ComINK Sans says:


  12. ComINK Sans says:

    "No animals were harmed during this video"

  13. Aaron Abcede says:

    Him: Adds some new structures
    Also him: I'mma add Herobrine's Home

  14. Mr. Synth says:

    Where was optfine

  15. sword block allows on beta version (no mods)

  16. VEKTOR 2.0 says:

    Let's ignore the big arym of cows in the background

  17. space stonks says:

    Let's ignore the drowning floating cows

  18. Mr. Riddle says:

    Dirt/grass: slab/ stairs

  19. The background of the intro tho😂😂

  20. Bro pls give me A GAMING PC pls ur my SECOND hope pls I need a gaming PC for my ONLINE CLASS so pls give me a PC 😭

  21. Kim hope says:

    I saw the cow coming up the water are they okay?!

  22. Noah Cochran says:

    I love how at the start of all if his videos there's crazy shit going on in the background

  23. I can't download it it won't work 🙁

  24. RivalTangent says:

    Wtf is wrong with these animals at the beginning of every video

  25. Dmz1932Gm says:

    Powerful ability of placing torches on slab….. Nice

  26. Stefan M. says:

    2:59 It's funny to look at this now knowing that one of those creatures that he wants is also the least wanted mob for the upcoming Mob Vote.

  27. Derp Scout says:

    You can add an among us mod

  28. Does its work on android

  29. BlokyKaktus says:

    I always use sketch macaws mods for my world even before this video

  30. Love how the moobloom was almost added officially lol

  31. Ayan Nadaf says:

    Let's ingore the cows in back

  32. Den says:

    Mabye, maybe, But I have not met one tha and can outsmart the opityfine.