ALL Piglin Trades + Tricks | 1.16-1.16.3+ Minecraft Nether Update

February 15, 2020 by 47 Comments

EDIT: Bartering Update for 1.16.2+
EDIT: Updated video
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New renewable items in survival! We take an in-depth look into all the piglin trades/barters for 1.16 nether update snapshot 20w07a. What are the rarest items and how much of each will you get? We answer it all! Check out the videos of our streams:

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Rays Works


47 Replies to “ALL Piglin Trades + Tricks | 1.16-1.16.3+ Minecraft Nether Update”

  1. Rays Works says:

    EDIT: Updated video

    In-depth look at piglin trades/bartering and how rare they are plus tricks!
    Check out the videos of our streams:

  2. Player One _ says:

    Ummm I got a netherite how from one am I like really lucky or what?

  3. But I got a netherrite pick I think that’s a 0.3 chance

  4. I got enchanted iron boots TWICE from bartering with piglins just today I was confused because I’ve never played multi on this specific world nor crafted them…

  5. magic carpet says:

    I got enchanted iron boots but the piglin immediately wore it instead of giving it to me. He is the one who always comes to me first when i enter the nether lol.

  6. me : sees vid

    also me:
    im about to end this mans whole carrer

  7. Can you get netherite scraps or ingots from them

  8. Bro your voice is like an adult while a little child

  9. Raw -Wid says:

    Hey,hey hey hey hey hey. The ender pearl one was wrong tomorrow i got 8 ender pearls from a poglin

  10. sujitha says:

    You forgot netherite how 😤

  11. Kura says:

    I got a nether it’s hoee today, what are the chances of that

  12. I got netherite hoe and soul speed boots 2 and enchant ment book soul speed 3

  13. I got netherite hoe and soul speed boots 2 and enchant ment book soul speed 3

  14. Lehi Martin says:

    umm iv'e gotten a netherite hoe before what are the chances for that?

  15. Weslsy Rick says:

    Netherite: is born

    Netherbrick: is that my twin?

  16. Rehan Momin says:

    It Gave me a Frickin Full Durability Netherite Hoe (T_T). I wish you could get Netherite Ingots from full durability Netherite Tools (⚙_⚙)

  17. Akaplier says:

    You missed potion of fire resistants

  18. I got a netherite hoe from one. How rare is that?

  19. Azmie_11 says:

    Gold Farm -> Infinite Gold -> Barter with Piglins -> Infinite Gravel + 2 dirt -> Infinite Coarse Dirt -> Tilt with a Hoe -> Infinite Dirt

    Uses of infinite dirt:

    1) Cover creeper holes
    2) If you want to cover a desert with dirt you can

  20. Keydough says:

    Me: Jo, can I have some enderpearls please? Im kinda in a rush to free the end…
    Piglin: uuh what about some obsidian, take some quarz as well!

  21. V2dFyn says:

    Wait what about crying obsidian

  22. I only have one complaint. "Pigling"

  23. Where is crying obsidian

  24. the piglins are cute in my opinion. The nose looks like the eyes of them.

  25. Sheepox ™ says:

    Wait, isn’t the total weight 102%? I don’t think that’s possible…

  26. Alluv says:

    i still prefer 1.7.10 tho

  27. Jeiqys says:

    I got a netherite hoe form trading but everywhere I check it says nothing on it

  28. JustCyke says:

    ive gotten a netherite hoe from a gold ingot before, it does the same damage as an iron sword

  29. Gab Gavin says:

    First time that i barter on piglin he gave me soul speed 3 on iron boots

  30. EricPlayz951 says:

    I wish they traded blaze rods.

  31. I got a potion of fire resistance

  32. 6 year old me when minecraft came out woulda been amazed by infinite obsidian for gold

  33. un nerdyneko says:

    i wore a gold helmet,
    and they still attacked me.. help?

  34. Aranel osu! says:

    bruh i gave piglins nearly 100 gold ingot for ender pearls, LITERALLY NONE OF THEM GAVE ME AN ENDER PEARL… how unlucky? idk

  35. Sedo Studios says:

    He gived me netherite hoe today 😬

  36. Physer says:

    I got a netherite hoe from a piglin I don’t think he likes me…..

  37. RyAn_nO_TeCh says:

    Bruh I got a soul speed 3

  38. Blaz3r Speed says:

    I got a netherrite hoe once xD

  39. TheRainbow6 says:

    You can get up to 7 Enderperls

  40. I got a netherite hoe from trading with one IN SURVIVAL

  41. For me trading one gold ingot to four piglins or more is enough.

  42. Piglin can be found anywhere and I got soul speeder boots which from what Ik is super super rare

  43. they can give you a netherite how