Analyze Wi-Fi Data with Jupyter Notebook [Tutorial]

February 10, 2020 by 44 Comments

How to Analyze Wi-Fi Data Using Jupyter Notebook
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 141

Wireshark is a great tool for analyzing Wi-Fi packets and collecting information about the network traffic. However, this much information can be burdensome so interpret in a meaningful way without some help. Today, on this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll use Jupyter Notebook to derive insights on collected Wi-Fi data.

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44 Replies to “Analyze Wi-Fi Data with Jupyter Notebook [Tutorial]”

  1. I installed wireless lan in my kali linux but problem is when I shutdown or restart my os its uninstall, now whatever I do? Plz Plz give me solution

  2. Thanks mate! Great content as always!

  3. I love Jupyter Notebooks. I was hoping someone would do a vid on them as an OSINT tool. Thank you!

  4. Cyris Cloete says:

    Love the System Shock frame.

  5. m.nageh says:

    The evil twin esp are you going to make it or not !!!

  6. Bro u need to make a video
    How to block everything before pass through router how to protect your data how to block everyone even the internet provider to have access to your router

  7. Martian Moon says:

    dude have you ever blinked in your life

  8. Dun der says:

    How can i delete my digital footprint?

  9. AAsd GUuu says:

    Make some vids about hacking methodologies olz

  10. this is very reminiscent of graphs generated from spreadsheet formulas & data but another approach with a quicker turnaround of displaying information.

  11. IShootPeople says:

    Can you please respond to my twitter message? I know ur busy but need help. I'm willing to pay for some courses if you provide any.

  12. OvalWingNut says:

    RATED 👉 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️

    9 out of 10 Mensa members liked this video. The 10th couldn't be bothered


  13. jake aber says:

    This is unrelated but what is the best budget wireless network adapter that you would recommend?

  14. Agha Seyed says:

    kody we are looking for Sth new maybe in new fields ….(SDRs , Remotes, Sth new in Dark web ( use external link), capturing 4G packets , digital decoding , etc. )

  15. Null Byte. Which is the best version for kali linux hacking?

  16. Alex says:

    Your led strip fell off bro

  17. Kody you are my inspiration, that's it.

  18. RU31K says:

    Did you think about uploading your content to LBRY? 😄😄😄

  19. Linux Skills says:

    I Respect This Channel 👍✔

  20. Plz make video on connecting postgresql to metasploit.after searching 4 hours I didn't find any solution on internet

  21. Sean Rimada says:

    Really felt that Jupyter usage. Automating this framework should be a no brainer, although I can not think of some examples of why I would do it (unless I was a real life hacker with real money and real cops and criminals in my espionage drama).

  22. Fury says:

    Hey. I’m getting phone calls from a number I don’t know. Is there a website where I can get all the information about the number?? I do remember there was a website but I don’t remember it no more. Would appreciate if anyone could leave the website down below. (+32)

  23. please teach how to crack wpa/wpa2 wifi password. I have tried your all video tutorial but none of them worked😭

  24. Saleem Khan says:

    I want to meet all the 5 guys who have disliked you video .

  25. Andrea Nurce says:

    Hi everyone
    iam trying to install some wifi drivers but i cant make it instead i get this message:

    Makefile:37: Driver/DPA_AP_3002/os/linux/ No such file or directory
    make: * No rule to make target 'Driver/DPA_AP_3002/os/linux/'. Stop.

    can anyone please help me ?

  26. Ranjan Basak says:

    I have an old dell laptop having i5 4th gen and 4gigs of ram. Can i use kali linux 2020.1 for pentesting and monitoring and other hacking activities?
    Help from anyone will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  27. Jay Bofa says:

    Hey, Null. Aireplay doesn’t seem to work on 5ghz. I can see 5ghz channels on iwconfig frequency and airodump. What’s the biggie-dooie?

  28. Ramdas Nayak says:

    Make a video on signal triangulation

  29. Rohen8587 says:

    Great Information! Keep posting vids.

  30. CodeX says:

    so all you need is create KFC hotspot to hack an unnamed president's phone.

  31. Chris Shaw says:

    Thanks for the intro to Jupyter, this just opened so many doors

  32. SEO sahil says:

    Every toutrial feels great..plz give geniue idea about otp bypass / bruteforce password attack on social account

  33. How can I contact you I want to ask you for advice?

  34. po bg says:

    I love your channel! I'm completely new to this and your videos are helping me so much! Thanks for uploading!

  35. po bg says:

    How did u create a fake network?

  36. David Shook says:

    I discovered a world wide remote backdoor in a old Actiontec PK5001Z issued to Centurylink. customers The password is in plaintext in a library file. Search for the somewhat unique password matched a google hangout username. Also it had a faulty hardware random number generator, hence WPS Pixie dust success. Imagine China's ability to hide backdoors has evolved greatly since then.

  37. Is there anyway to detect devices trying to connect to my wifi (not connected) and see the information they are trying to use like what passwords they are typing on my router in attempt to connect even if it is not the right one

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