Farm EVERYTHING in Minecraft! – Bone & Arrow! | 1.16-1.16.3+ Nether Update

February 21, 2020 by 41 Comments

EDIT: ALL NEW Farms for 1.16
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Welcome to a new series were we try to farm all 700+ items in Minecraft! Today’s challenge is to automatically farm bone and arrow in survival. We make a skeleton only farm in 1.16 nether update. Join us as we design a farm for every item in the game! Works in java 1.16+. Item document is a WIP made by Asquared and helpers. Farm EVERYTHING series:

World Download:

Farm everything document:
Bedrock Edition skeleton farm by silentwhisperer:

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►ProtoTech Community Discord:
►Technical Minecraft Community Discord:

ProtoTech is 100% Vanilla Survival whitelisted 5.5 year old server that has never reset the map with 145,000+ Minecraft days accumulated. With the goal to automate and collect everything possible in the game, the journey has only started!
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ProtoTech Intro/outro by KK, Smokey, Heinz
Toasters by: Khappa, nkls

Acheron River:
Craft Mechanics:
Creeper Physics:
Doctor Sploosh
Lord Jon:
Narcoleptic Frog:
Nodnam: , ,
timmist24: —
ZooM Strike (ZSG):

Recorded with OBS:
edited with SVP:
Replay Mod:
Carpet mod:
Music: simple skeleton farm, afk skeleton farm, automatic skeleton farm, auto bone farm, easy bone farm,


Rays Works


41 Replies to “Farm EVERYTHING in Minecraft! – Bone & Arrow! | 1.16-1.16.3+ Nether Update”

  1. Best video
    Like If agree

  2. His video have me always entertained that's why I love them

  3. HeadphoneGuy says:

    0 comments it says, but I see 4

  4. Porktuga says:

    Minecraft Chronicles 28323#: Skeleton spawners become useless.

  5. M33r says:

    Your spreadsheet at the beginning says coal is unrenewable even though you can do it with wither skeleton farms

  6. Can you farm wither skulls and maybe even nether stars next?
    Also keep up the good work!😉😉😉

  7. Thanks for the document of the farms

  8. Rays Works says:

    Attempting the impossible, farm everything in Minecraft!

    #3 in the series, watch from the start!

  9. Andreas says:

    What is the server ip for the test server?

  10. Yis Pinto says:

    The devs probably added bows to skeleton so their drops can be Bo-ne- and arrow.

  11. Tedleadhead says:

    Just my thoughts but i think these intros that you are doing are a bit cringy. (Not trying to say that in an offensive way).

  12. An enderman has fallen into a river
    Prepare the rescue operation

  13. Donkeyz says:

    Cant you just try to find a skeleton spawner instead?

  14. Never Snows says:

    I was just waiting this farm to come out. I was 100% shure that you would mess with the new soul sand valley

  15. Shouldn't wither roses on soul sand and hopper underneath be faster?

  16. Never Snows says:

    Btw, slime wont be a problem if you use honney.

  17. Axl Capone says:

    definitions of insanity doesn't work here

  18. Gnome says:

    THANK YOU FOR THE DOC!!!!!!!!!

  19. Josh Hayes says:

    Why do you upload your videos in 60fps if your game is capped at 30fps???

  20. What about… a Survival "Nether roof" speed run? (gotta have to go back)

  21. You may want to add Dimension/Coordinates/Biome and Production Rates as Columns to your list as well. And if you remember your old Wither Skeleton farm, adding Name-Tagged Ghast sweepers may improve the rates of these new farms where applicable. But these are great for a one player -world.

  22. Sam The Man says:

    Only 3000 views!!!???
    So Cheap….. no just joking Im Like ur vids

  23. Pepega says:

    Hello, I know that doesn't fit the topic but I found an old video of you where you build a chunk loader for the 1.8. Maybe you know how to unload a chunk? Without mods and also on servers? I would be really grateful if you answer me and could help!

  24. Wim De Jager says:

    Can you make a diamond miner thnx

  25. You can farm beacons , nether , stars and Soul sand(piglin)

  26. The first useful information i get from this video is from his friend:"You can hold down F5 now lol looks so weird"

  27. Tales says:

    So, when you were scrolling through that list of items at the start… it listed carpets as non-automatically infinitely renewable. Last I checked, they can still be duped using a coral-fan + piston-1-tick.
    (EDIT: watched to the end… okay… nvm.)

  28. SpeedRider says:

    Could you not of used dogs to scare the skeletons to the killing spot.

  29. You set flowers as not farmable with inactive players because of the need to craft bone meal. Bone meal can automatically be achieved through a momposter

  30. Or simply find a spawner…

  31. Tomas Sliva says:

    Why is there a composter at the item sorter

  32. K says:

    could this be stacked on top of the ghast farm? would the entity limit be a problem?

  33. Do you have a video, or can make one, of a server friendly soul sand valley skeleton farm? cant have flying machines.

  34. NKGamer says:

    Why do we have to afk so far up from the actual farm?

  35. Lejang says:

    Skeleton spawners: am I a joke to you?

  36. this seems like it would be more efficient if it were smaller and the skeletons were killed faster with fall damage or moved to the overworld