LGR 486 Update! 83MHz Pentium Overdrive CPU

February 28, 2020 by 23 Comments

Upgrading the Woodgrain 486 PC by replacing the 66MHz 486 CPU with an Intel Pentium Overdrive! Taking a look at the box contents, the installation process, and some DOS game benchmarks. Pretty neat stuff being a drop-in upgrade for a Socket 2/3 486 motherboard.

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23 Replies to “LGR 486 Update! 83MHz Pentium Overdrive CPU”

  1. LGR says:

    The results of this upgrade have cemented my resolve to upgrade, like, everything else now haha. Next will probably be the VLB video card, but I'm also planning to try some different RAM, as well as a DX4-100 from Intel since I have one of those already. And if nothing else, I also have a much nicer 486 mobo ready to go 😛

  2. Veneroso says:

    LGR is my spirit animal

  3. 4:42 you murdered the poor floppy right there.

  4. Jerry Dudak says:

    I had a vlb system with a trident 1mb video card and intel 486dx2 66mhz cpu. I remember duke 3d just barely able to run at 320×200 res. Quake was a slide show. Doom ran fine. I think for quake and duke you need minimum pentium 90. The pentium had two math pipelines and I remember carmack talking about coding for those two pipelines so that quake could run in real time. Michael Abrash and John Carmac did a great job optimizing the code.

  5. Mark Dymek says:

    "i like animated demos"*deep voice* this sounds vaguely sexual.

  6. the duke nukem voice impression 17:19 was awesome XD

  7. Joel says:

    13:11 3.5" FDD ASMR

  8. Gman says:

    My 3950 16 core cpu is jelly af.

  9. 66mhz + 25% overclock = 82.5mhz..round up 83mhz..least thats what my guess is to that wonky MHZ.

  10. gatsbi007 says:

    I had gotten this from Fry’s along with 8mb memory upgrade and was much excited

  11. Kris Sky says:

    Can remember back those days, to call a friend: Dude you have any jumpers for my motherboard i'm overclockinggggggggggg

  12. i was given a few brand new never even opened overdrive chips, my exp was, on a decent board, amd's 5×86 could give better results, but you could OC the pentium chips pretty well.

    the most fun ones if you ever find them, the pentium-pro to pentium 2 chips, that worked in old socket 2 boards, those overclocked amazingly well in my exp…i only got to play with those because a buddy got a couple stupid cheap when the guy decided to build a new system without ever having installed the chips he bought(over 1200usd worth of cpu's that the guy who gave my buddy the system, never installed…. ) it gave true pentium 2 perf on the old socket….

    the heatsinks can be pulled off, bu not easily, its not ment to be removed… the stuff they used on those dosnt degrade much in my exp.. i mean its also not all that hot a chip,

  13. You Tube says:

    Did the mix up the 237 and 238 pin diagrams in the manual at @5:06?

  14. Bee Waifu says:

    LGR: "PoDP5V83."
    Me: "Poop."

  15. Bah_Bah_Feet says:

    I bought one of these in the spring of 1998. It didn't work for what I had intended, so I installed it in my roommate's computer, replacing his 486/33 Mhz processor, without telling him. He was shocked how much it improved his system.

  16. Vlognut says:

    Oh man, that IBM keyboard really takes me back

  17. Billy Lei says:

    Never bought an overdrive but I do remember it as a kid just getting into computers. This whole time I thought the overdrive attached directly to the old processor or something somehow considering they advertised it as a distinct “chip upgrade.”

  18. I had one of these in my DX266 system, it made a small speed increase in games.

  19. XplodingMoJo says:

    Funny how Intel and AMD used to fit in the same socket…

  20. izwan shaari says:

    My first pc had Pentium 166MMX in it. It uses the same cooler as the Overdrive. Overclocked it to 233. No problem at all despite it's miniscule size. Great video.

  21. You should play duke 3d on the dx 100 and compare it to the overdrive

  22. Night Riders says:

    Oh those beloved jumpers. Once upon a time I upgraded my SX-25 to a whopping DX/2-66 that accidently ran at a stable 80MHZ. My 14y old me was blown away by the fact that this mistaken setup didn't caused that cpu to explode or smth… That thing ran hot as the sun but kept up to all my friends running the DX/4-100 some months later. A brilliant time to be alive it was :-).

  23. I still kinda wish this idea was still around… a Ryzen processor for the AM3+ socket would be nice.