Minecraft Mods That Make Caves Actually Fun To Explore (2020)

February 5, 2020 by 45 Comments

Looking to make Minecraft caves far better than they were before? Today, I will once again be doing just that! Last time I did this, the video was made for version 1.12.2. This time, it will work with the newest versions of Minecraft. Enjoy!

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Enhanced Vanilla Shaders –

YUNG’s Better Caves –

Extended Caves –

Quark –

Dynamic Surroundings: Environs –

Dynamic Surroundings: SoundControl –

Hytale 3D Ores Resource Pack –

Lava Monsters –


Minecraft Forge –



“It is Lost” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


45 Replies to “Minecraft Mods That Make Caves Actually Fun To Explore (2020)”

  1. Also the dynamic suroundings um it dont work for me

  2. What about Deeper Caves

  3. puyooi says:

    it's really nice how quark team updated their mod and made it so before you play, it shows a black screen with a message to stand with the BLM movement

  4. Which is better YUNG's better caves or Worley's caves?

  5. Davissrenks says:

    Another cool mod would be cave maps would make it easier to navigate caves without placing a ton of torches

  6. umm u sure thats a cow .

  7. MiningPoint says:


  8. Pecoliky says:

    Guys stop asking for stupid gems to be added they’ll end up listening… All your dumb suggestions its time to stop

  9. s0per says:

    help me make my modpack = D

  10. Why there is aways something weird in the background?

  11. Zer0 Ch. C. says:

    extended cave to 1.12.2? .-.

  12. 4:33 That spawner sound is awesome

  13. Plorbus says:

    Hardcore mode is now HARDERCORE MODE

  14. Cameron Devs says:

    looks like a normal vi-
    0:00 what the hell are those cows

  15. Kentzo Ar says:

    Everytime i watch AsianHalfSquat video, i always
    notice that the background is getting weirder and more weirder that before

  16. Jacek says:

    Extended items and ores mod
    Way more ores mod 1.12.2
    Silent gems
    Are the best mining mods EVER

  17. The Doctor says:

    I downloaded these mods all together trying to play them and Minecraft wouldnt accept them and would not work at all and the few cave mods I got to work without the game crashing I wasn’t able to use them because they are for an earlier version of Minecraft that is for 1.15.2

  18. Wizardof-Oz says:

    The dynamic sound filter and the cave mod should get updated for 1.16.1 and future updates, they are a really must have for minecraft

  19. Does anyone know a replacement for dynamic surroundings that is for 1.16.2 ?

  20. Glazey says:

    Definitely get Mo’ Bends too if your on the proper versions, makes caves that much scarier

  21. Hollow says:

    I can barely go in a normal cave without being scared

  22. chair chior says:

    I was looking for the cursed thing then i looked at the cows-

  23. Ian Swinford says:

    I would love to get the Extended Caves Mod. I have another mod that includes new and more dangerous monsters and I'd like to create a cave system in Creative Mode where there are whole hordes of monsters nesting inside.

  24. Wow I think you should turn this into a modpack called Better Caves!!!

  25. builder1254 says:

    i use Dynamic Lights that gives you the cool torch effect without shaders

  26. Unpopular opinion: I don't like the cave spikes :/

  27. Dynamic Surroundings: Environs is for 1.14.4 I can't find 1.16.1 files

  28. Jeff says:

    Welp this video is kinda useless now…

    Ill watch anyways lol

  29. MattsNotIt says:

    Anyone else here looking for a mod that kind of recreates 1.17?

  30. 1-4-1 says:

    Mojang: okay mate

  31. nice but cave update is coming out next year so this is outdated

  32. The One says:

    1.17 caves and cliffs

  33. Hey AHS are you from japan?
    Btw seriously asking

  34. All of these things that this mod has are gonna be in the 1.17 update

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