Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.15.2) – February 2020

February 2, 2020 by 23 Comments

1.15.2 is already putting together a pretty good list of mods! Here are 10 more 1.15 mods I’m sure you will enjoy. Enjoy!

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Lava Monsters –

Engineer’s Decor –

Player Plates –

Essentials –

Minecolonies –

Torch Slabs Mod –

Peaceful Surface –

The Lost Cities –

BetterPvP –

MrCrayfish’s Vehicle Mod –


Minecraft Forge –



Oshóva – Vast Chant –


23 Replies to “Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.15.2) – February 2020”

  1. According to the content his computer might be of million of gbs

  2. ''Here are 10 more 1.15 mods I'm sure you will enjoy. Enjoy!'' That end bit do. Enjoy. Enjoy!

  3. One thing about 1.15.2, as someone who is modding: FUUUUUUUUUUUUDGE!!!!! They changed how dimensions work, which makes most previous documentation and guides on it useless. And the one explanation I found that made things clear, decided to assume the reader would be familiar with 1.12 chunk generation (which I am not) and cut out that detail for 'brevity'. That doesn't shorten things, sir! (Mad respect for the rest of it… I'm just slamming my head into the virtual wall since making a chunk generator from scratch requires understanding 5 other classes and making mod versions of them).

  4. I know minecolonies mod, but it is NOT VERY COOL. It has a strange glitch, where the citizens pick the items in a strange way! They can pick up infinite items (67 cooked porkchops). Also, the developers were lazy to make more messages of building built requirements. Also, the citizens without any reason walk sadly…
    And also (again), I gave food to the citizens, and they didn't eat it, when they needed to! They ate it ONLY 2 MINUTES AFTER THEIR HUNGER BAR TURNING TO 0!
    If minecolonies dev sees this comment, HE SHOULD TRULY FIX THOSE GLITCHES!!!!!

  5. The MrCrayfish is the one of my favorite mod in 1.15.2

    but the furniture is only in 1.15.1

    Super sad. i am in 1.15.2 🙁

  6. guys when i downloaded it it says virus or it can harm my pc. will it im pretty nervous to keep it or not

  7. Glitchy_ says:

    Where's the electric fence?

  8. when i download the mrcrayfish vehicle mod 1.15.2 it seeds its lower version of minecraft??plss help

  9. Raccoon Face says:

    mine colonies just got updates 2 hours ago

  10. my brain is going to blown Ineed direct mode


  12. Gerardo says:

    Nice mods, very good all

  13. 2:27 what is that pack called i need this so bad

  14. E Rangel says:

    Can this be on Xbox ??

  15. Phoe Kaung says:

    You are good
    For mod player!

  16. Chilliez says:

    Ight, time to download em in Java Minecraft!

  17. Max Paishk says:

    Have you tried Mrcrayfish furniture mod

  18. cgerstma says:

    I love you vids! But I am having trouble downloading these. Can you show me how to download them?