IBM WorkPad 20X: The 1998 Palm PDA Experience

March 6, 2020 by 42 Comments

Taking a look back at the $299 IBM WorkPad from the late 1990s! Specifically the 2MB 8602-20X model, really a rebranded 3Com Palm III PDA. Mmm 2-bit monochrome touchscreen, 16MHz CPU, infrared wireless, and tons of oddly addictive Palm OS games. What a lovely little retro handheld.

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42 Replies to “IBM WorkPad 20X: The 1998 Palm PDA Experience”

  1. LGR says:

    To those asking about that folding ThinkPad keyboard: I've got an entire video about it!

    Also I misspoke saying the WorkPad uses AA batteries instead of AAA. Heh, no. Definitely triple-As πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  2. DieBesten says:

    Did I just catch a Mudvayne reference? 10:04

  3. RadioStatic says:

    6:08 I saw that πŸ™‚

    8:10 Nsync!

    13:11 >58008

    Great video, awesome jokes.

  4. Space Trader on the Palm M100 was how I survived 5th grade. Thanks for reminding me!

  5. Sim City on the PDA is so good!

  6. Ahh the good old days

  7. Shi says:

    I want into this video wondering if this was the same pda my dad had when I was a kid. I remember playing with it a bit, mostly trying out the handwriting recognition and the games. I wasn't sure this was the one until 9:50 That game brings back memories πŸ™‚

  8. Tetsujin says:

    2:22 – that Thinkpad keyboard looks so nice…

  9. Jesse F says:

    I bought my first PDA in 2004; a used Palm Zire off eBay. Remarkably similar specs/functionality to this WorkPad but without the flip cover or the backlight. I still have it, and it still works! I also had a Toshiba e740 PocketPC after that, but it was outrageously unreliable and the battery would move around a little in its slot which caused the whole thing to freeze and reset itself.

  10. BuT cAn iT rUn CrYsiS?

  11. I remember owning a Palm IIIe, palm pilot m500, casio cassiopeia, compaq ipaq 3650 and HP ipaq hx4700(grand daddy of modern smartphones).I paid $1000 for an HP ipaq hx4700 in 2001 at compusa. Ipaq pda's were also the first devices having bluetooth back in 2000. I remember wanted an apple newton so bad in 1993 but was really expensive for my budget reality back then.

  12. Jerem E says:

    "Who's WorkPad is this?"
    *opens calculator*
    "Never mind."

  13. Jimmy Z says:

    Pixelated fonts on reflective LCD screens are oddly satisfying.

  14. squidud says:

    Modern Apple be like

  15. TVperson1 says:

    Palms were pretty cool, I preferred the colour ones myself.

  16. You should make a video on the newer palm pilot 515, it has color and more games

  17. You forget how awful installing the software/driver was

  18. Does it run crisis?

  19. Build Prone says:

    Gameboy pocket for adults

  20. Miguel Que says:

    I own a Palm IIIxe, along with Sony PEG-S300. One can try to sychronize them via IrDA dongle. Those good old Sigmatel-based dongles still work under x64 OS.

  21. EEReLe says:

    Ah Palm III, so many good memories. Used it to write countless of emails and sent them with irda using my Nokia 7710 as modem.

  22. This thing is almost Nokia levels of bulletproof? NO WAY XD

  23. I have a few of these things still and one even has a color screen. I was considering looking into some launcher for android that works like that OS, but naaah I basically used my android like it was an iphone not playing with it and just putting the apps I wanted and changing the background screen and ringtones for the most part. As stock android as it can get even when it was not and and ended up being something that came with the phone.

  24. As much as some phones have NFC I wish they had infrared it would be neat as I like using that in the past.

  25. I had a palm pilot. Loved it

  26. KJR Channel says:

    I still have a Palm One with a slightly newer OS. The Palm 3 however with its internal battery failed, but works aside from that. I had a friend that worked for Us Robotics ages ago it seems. So it made getting spare parts more affordable and custom tweaks easier.

  27. I was really hoping to hear about using the IR port to use as a remote control and also to print πŸ™‚

  28. Space Trader was great, had it on the Ipaq!

  29. I have the Palm lll but I don’t have the charger for it

  30. Ojisan642 says:

    Dope wars, man I used to play that game on the 45 minute train ride going to work every day, back around 2000-ish.

  31. At 8:10, pause and put playback speed to 0.25 and press play. At 8:11 a picture of 3 men, who were later found dead, can be seen for a brief second in the background.

  32. When i was a kid my mom had was given one of these by her work and i thought it was the coolest thing ever. Totally had forgotten all about it.

  33. BKNY FINEST says:

    In 98 I was 13yrs old .I remember taking the train to Manhattan an seeing men in suits using these .i thought they were fbi or mib lol

  34. I have about 60 Palm PDA thingy's , I neber knew so much software was available for them πŸ™‚ QC

  35. Jeremy Watts says:

    smartphones in 1998

  36. Scioneer says:

    Kyle's Quest and Secret of the Orb are two good little RPGs for the Palm. If your Workpad had more memory I would recommend Solskia, DragonsBane II and Basylonia for some more PC like Adventure RPGs that really push the graphics abilities of the device. However these three titles are pretty big in size. I Keep Solskia on my IIIxe and the other two on my Visor Platinum.

  37. Danbo 22 says:

    Weird that Solitaire isn’t an included game…

  38. Excellent video friend.

    Please can you help me to get the driver for CF Go Wifi socket P500?

    They are no longer available on the Socket Mobile page.

    Thankful in advance for the collaboration you can give me.

  39. Idleshot says:

    but can it run Duke Nukem..

  40. 4:22 Today I got a folding Palm keyboard at a thrift shop and remember seeing your video on the pilot, but I forgot you had a board. I’d still like to donate it if you’re interested! If not, then no worries! And please, continue making vids of these vintage tech treasures!