Simple Iron Farm Tutorial! | Minecraft Java 1.15+, Easy, Efficient

March 13, 2020 by 29 Comments

In this video I show you how to build an Iron Farm that is working in Minecraft Java 1.15 and up. This iron farm is easy to build and has pretty good rates. This is a modification of my Minecraft Java Edition 1.14 iron farm, it’s an original design. This build will not work on Bedrock Edition. If anything major changes with the farm I’ll drop a pinned comment saying so! If you have any questions drop them in the comments & I’ll do my best to get back to you.

Materials – 1:22
Step 1 – 2:28
Step 2 – 3:50
Step 3 – 5:50
Step 4 – 8:50
Step 5 – 10:05
Step 6 – 10:40
Step 7 – 11:56
Step 8 – 12:47
Other things to know – 14:37


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29 Replies to “Simple Iron Farm Tutorial! | Minecraft Java 1.15+, Easy, Efficient”

  1. wattles says:

    This is the farm from the Guide world! If anything changes Ill update this comment. Make sure you have the daycycle turned on!

  2. Ritankar says:

    Thanks bro it's works

  3. YellowShep says:

    Thanks a lot, I'm now one of the first people on a server that I play on that has a functioning iron farm lol

  4. Maaya1717 says:

    i am doing this build on the map one block skyblock xD its kind of hard not gonna lie i die twice already and keep loosing my stuff xD

  5. Anyone now how to stop the villagers from walking through the walls?

  6. itsbentex says:

    This works great!

  7. Can you please tell where is the afk spot of this farm

  8. Defaultio says:

    Thanks Loved it Subcribed From me And Liked B)

  9. SimpleToast says:

    does it work on 1.16.1?
    edit: it works super well on 1.16.1!

  10. CryVic says:

    Still work at 1.16.3👍 just the villagers dont need a job

  11. EST_keilo says:

    thanks for doing this video. You helpt me a lot

  12. Ayush Shaw says:

    Can anyone give a cool name for the zombie except dumb boi or anything like that

  13. Ayush Shaw says:

    The best way to put villagers in the chamber is to use boat, piston and pressure plate to take them up to the terrain and then trap them in hole and use minecart to take them in the chamber

  14. Ayush Shaw says:

    Bruh an indian youtuber named technoz gamer has copied this design and people are thinking its his design

  15. Does this only work on Java?

  16. Narrator says:

    schmatic saved my life litteerly

  17. will this really work in 1.15 pls i have made more that 3 farms and all are a big fail and now i want to be sure that it will work or not ?

  18. Does it work for ps4?

  19. I did every single step accordingly but still the villagers are sleeping peacefully idk what i did wrong 😭😭

  20. I like the iron farm but I made it biger

  21. SEEMA BHAT says:

    Bro thanku that works 100 percent working

  22. I take about 2 hours to make this farm because when i was making pillagers raided on my castle

  23. Divya Nayak says:

    Yes, even for my monster xp farm, when I go to the nether and return back, everything starts working properly

  24. oriol vidal says:

    is there any map (creatve mode) with all farm types created??

  25. Thank for the tutorial

  26. Rezia Begum says:

    4:11 what did it means?