March 11, 2020 by 30 Comments

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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!

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  1. Matt Casey says:

    You guys should make a tactical throwing shovel

  2. J Thing says:

    Curious, what do you do with all the small offcuts from the ends that you chop off?

  3. Peter Pensi says:

    This is an excellent edited video. Sound good, light so so, camera good (not in freehand) almost the quality we’ve seen in the old world. The content is an excellent format. I think that Alec as a Moderator and shop owner would be a classic format which is working. Keep the trail and error theme also for the business side. It would be really interesting.. anyways great vid!

  4. eclipse says:

    Great job ! But the sound of the music is way too loud compare to the voices, IMO

  5. Slothy says:

    Your editor is a bloody genius.

  6. You mean bevel buddies

  7. thorsmith59 says:

    Zweihander part 14?

  8. Does alec have corona?

  9. Shawn says:

    Will – "… Fish cut…V out of the top…"
    Alec – "Very nice" as he looks away disinterested… lol.
    I just thought it was so funny cause it's so out of character. And most likey not what it was meant to look like.

  10. Nijeguhz says:

    A little squisheree squisheroo

  11. Zach T says:

    9:40 Alec seems so intrigued as he's "learning" how the fish cut works.

  12. Nate'n Rey says:

    "It will kill"
    ~Doug Marcaida

  13. Phil Burns says:

    Without Alec, it was a WICKED video, just watching 📺 episode 2 now, is alec doing the handles (scales) 🤔 let's see

  14. Taylor Petty says:

    Hey, so question: what does the powdered flux actually do to the metal when you pour it on there and smack it? Do you put it on 2 pieces of metal that aren't fully set together?

  15. make a super fancy pizza cutter that has a damascus cutting wheel with a nice wood handle.

  16. Smokin' Toes says:

    ?? where the hell is Alec?!!?

  17. VTRAddict says:

    Have to love the "Strap-on" surface grinder. Got one on my long term shopping list for the workshop…

  18. Zane Jerkins says:

    6:57 what is this glowing thing called Damascus ? I LOVE IT

  19. Zane Jerkins says:

    9:28 (watch alec) CUT he says. Hmmmm

  20. Roger Gadley says:

    I’ve been thinking you should forge together a bunch of cut-offs and make something. It would be a “grandma’s crazy quilt Damascus. You could make a knife, a hatchet, a spoon, a ladle or any number of other Damascus items.

  21. Glad to see you back on the anvil Will!
    And can I just say, Alec is slowly getting that "boss" pose and voice more and more. Very professional.

  22. Is it just me or was alec super enthused about the whole fish mouth thing lol

  23. Does Curtis offer blacksmithing lessons?

  24. James Runyon says:

    so many wasteful offcuts in Damascus. what is the practicality of collecting all of them and doing a completely random offcut Damascus? wouldnt it be greener? less waste? i feels like it would.
    my inner hippie would be proud.

  25. rob says:

    Do an American flag Damascus pattern.

  26. SamS Noop says:

    Make keris sword from indonesia

  27. Mr Grantham says:

    How difficult is it to add carbon to steel to increase the hardness.

  28. hapysap says:

    What's that powder that he puts on the Damascus hammering the v cut

  29. Dangit Will! Has alecs airy hairstyle rubbed of on you i wonder😁👍! Great video and stay safe🌞

  30. Rodney Stice says:

    Have you thought about making a Damascus steel Serbian knife?