Clean & Map Wigle Wardriving Data in Jupyter Notebook [Tutorial]

April 13, 2020 by 43 Comments

Map Wi-Fi Devices with Jupyter Notebook
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 149

Wigle WiFi is an Android app that lets a hacker or pentester discover and map networks nearby, including those created by printers or other insecure devices. However, the default tools used to analyze data collected by Wigle don’t provide the robust results one would need to best survey nearby targets. Today, on Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll import Wigle data into Jupyter Notebook and show you how to map any Wi-Fi devices you encounter and sift through the data however you want.

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43 Replies to “Clean & Map Wigle Wardriving Data in Jupyter Notebook [Tutorial]”

  1. Mr. Chest says:

    First and I love your channel Kody. Keep up the awesome work

  2. Tales Grimm says:

    Hearing a lot of terms I've never heard before. This should be fun!😁

  3. TSK Boys says:

    Bro ss7 hacking in call tapping please bro video please

  4. In your opinion is more effectively learn all about just a single plataform like: ( parrot, kaly … ) or the nullbyte team think than better learn both. See I just started thanks for your advise.

  5. BlackJack says:

    Thank god one hacking vid without strike by yt, btw keep on your great work🔥🔝

  6. Olso says:

    Thanks for another great video. I will always watch and benefit from your content.

  7. which version of linux you are using please tell us plesae please

  8. SabayZone says:

    Wiggle wiggle wiggle…..

  9. owned says:

    I love your content, it’s very straight forward yet interesting.

  10. Someone says:

    Wait, is that a beauty spot above your lip? Or you cut yourself shaving? Thx for another great video. 👍

  11. Uppy Pasha says:

    Can anyone tell me the need of programming in cyber security and the intensity of coding in it

  12. Amaan Abbasi says:

    Wiggle wifi is not able to sync with GPS, I'm using android 9. Does anyone know how to fix it ?

  13. Ransomware attack you will be millionaire 😈👿

  14. alon nemlich says:

    Wow. A great episode. I love python and use Jupiter notebook a lot. Would love to hear what other ideas you have with Jupiter!
    Just one question. Why would I get nan values in my data? I am not familiar with the app/site you mentioned, but shouldn't it take all the info every capture?

  15. Ezra Gertz says:

    Is this possible on raspberry pi 4

  16. Hugh Hefner says:

    Kudos for being so consistent with awesome content, keep up the good work !

  17. Weare Legion says:

    I love your all the video never miss these……can you please please please make a video on Linux Data recovery

  18. Weare Legion says:

    It would be great 👍🏻 thanks a lot

  19. محمد says:

    find your content is so usefull thanks a lot but your website is not working keep going and wish you all the best

  20. Jake says:

    wazup! I have a question/video/topic idea. With all the stuff about governments tracking people and covid-19, is there like a "virus" or phone app thing that can be purposefully installed that can turn off government tracking. I am trying to think outside the box b/c i dont want to root. Or i have Kali, is there a way to make one?
    Thanks! Love the Videos!

  21. BSteve33 says:

    Cool, because of the spacehuhn-sticker!

  22. Brayo Mburu says:

    just perfect. i have a similar project and this really helped

  23. i cant go to your wepsite it says this site cant be reached

  24. Sick, love the project

  25. Jesus Christ says:

    hey @Null Byte any recommended distro of linux?

  26. Aeronz GT says:

    Hello can i ask..
    Can i hack a wifi without monitor mode bcuz im using userlands?

  27. Budd I've been trying to etch tails os but I never manage to get its wifi option

  28. Is browsec okay for low level daily usage…??

  29. The Comedy says:

    Am having problem install packages in my kali linux need help

  30. sourav patel says:

    3978952f35c8c2fa31cca1ae57588829 can you please crack this hash of my wifi password???? i tried so much to crack this but nothing works. please try to crack this. take it as a challenge. please crack this hash if possible

  31. Bro How Can I Contact You
    If Possible Provide Whts App No.

  32. Moha Dekim says:

    Please hacked facebook

  33. Citadel King says:

    You dude I love you especially when your fingers doing -32767 key. please can you make a video including [ man in the middle attack for IPv6 ]please?

  34. hi,
    im sri lankan,
    I've seen some of your videos and I can't find anything

    You can find a way to get rid of the claud in Apple Phone for free,

  35. Dragonflite says:

    Yo, I've been learning Dataframes/pandas on Dataquest. But I didn't realize you could do this type of thing with it. Awesome use case!

  36. My issue is that the data that I collected shows AP's that are, in fact, dozens of meters away from each other as if they are within a meter or so of each other. I've run a number of scans while driving around a residential block with no improvement. Weird.

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