How a Hacker Could Create a Trojan PDF for Macs Using AppleScript, Part 2

April 3, 2020 by 37 Comments

Disguising the Script for a Trojanized PDF to Backdoor Macs
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 146 (Teaser)

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One of the worst-case scenarios in getting hacked is unwittingly granting a hacker backdoor access into your system. Today, on this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we conclude our coverage of Tokyoneon’s clever trojanized PDF attack.

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37 Replies to “How a Hacker Could Create a Trojan PDF for Macs Using AppleScript, Part 2”

  1. ch0n says:

    First like first veiw first comment

  2. My friends 🙋‍♂️

  3. Watch this video so i can entertain you sir

  4. jbossman008 says:

    Nice. I remember trying to load up a jpg back in the day. Go windoze!

  5. HARNESS84 _ says:

    That is awesome. Its funny because if you ask any apple fan boy they will tell you "apples cannot get hacked" hahahaha

  6. Glad to see youu, well I do have a suggest but it's for the website lol, spyware and how to know when your phone have it, bless.

  7. samir samir says:

    Your lessons are great, thanks

  8. Null_0x00 says:

    Love the vids, would love to see an episode about firmware backdoors in routers as there are almost no channels who have covered this subject.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Paves Garage says:

    Love these vids. Shame about YouTube screwing you

  10. Sentinal72 says:

    Ok fk Google honestly for being such chucks, but this attack can be stopped by always showing the extension a setting in windows I always enable…

  11. dude… how to use same method to exploit android.. device … using pdf..

  12. Mshojat says:

    I remember that many years ago one could use the right-to-left Unicode character to spoof file extensions. I presume this no longer works.
    The code that Apple uses to show/hide the file extension seems so silly. Stupid choices like they made results in exploits like was used. It's so dumb that they let this happen, although I'm not surprised; most stuff that Apple does is backwards. I never understood why Microsoft or Apple hide file extensions in the first place.

  13. ali omar says:

    Could u make trojan pdf or any file for Windows and android

  14. Hey Kody, what course would you recommend to learn first to start learning?

  15. Rort - says:

    i setup my kali linux raspberry pi 4 with no keyboard or mouse i modified lightdm in terminal using nano insert sd in pi netdiscover ssh the ip and boom setup vnc setup wireless in terminal then used vnc

  16. L3BLE008 _ says:

    someone between 14 and 15 years old to study and improve skills together??

  17. Jay D says:

    iCloud account bypass tutorial please 🙏

  18. Mridul Gupta says:

    Hi buddy.. After installing kali linux 2020.1a live on my laptop my internal wireless card are not showing up.. please help me to fix it?

  19. This guy's doesn't blink?! Tf bruh??

  20. Brother,my network adapter is realtek RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIe . I want to use it for monitor mode as you had done before. But i dont know how to enable monitor mode in it

  21. Kiran s says:

    I need a mate in Instagram for do some stuffs together

  22. Hi, i was trying to learn recon and social engenering but all i found were only conferencies that are just teoretical (except yours) where do i find actual tutorials on how to do that from which i could learn a lot

  23. Syed Bilal says:

    hello sir im using linux 2020.1b, when i finished installetion i got ethernet issue usually everone get this issue but in my case cd/etc/sysconfig/ directory is missing thats why i cannot connect to internet i try reinstall sysconfig manually edit interfaces,network,Network but my issue still there…i tryed many things and many commands to fix ,but not work.
    should i reinsatll linux again?

  24. hi Iam a small hacker and i know alot of things and i watching u for lungs time and i was also in sewden and i can talk sam of it ,so i want to i have ur facebook or samething can i chat with you in it,iam a big fun and you are really my genius.pls let my been your Student .thanks alot

  25. Please make videos on Mac OS also..Thank-you

  26. Brother,plz give me subtitles because I know little english,I want learn your classes

  27. I absolutely love this page

  28. Hello Sir,
    How to find someone IPv4 without send link.


  30. PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO HOW TO HACK WIFI USING KALINETHUNTER ON ANDROID. I already subscribed and get notifications!! 💪

  31. Thats Me says:

    please Null byte many foreign people follow you but we find many difficulties to keep up because you speak very very fast may plz speak a little bit slowly.. i am from Morocco thank uuuu so much for all the great hard work you do

  32. DW says:

    I assume this doesn't work on Windows?

  33. Dear Kody I always love your videos because I learn so much. Learning is my passion. However with the recent content restrictions writing the h word even makes my comment disappear due to youtube policy. Why you don't have an app yet. I would love an app by Null byte where we can deliver freedom of speech. Ty!

  34. Ayoub Sbai says:

    I hacked my neighbor Wi-Fi XD and I'm afraid from the MITM attack can u help me plz to protect my device or to be invisible, and thanks for everything u are awesome, 👍👍👍😉

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