How Hackers Can Attack 5 GHz Wi-Fi Networks with a Wi-Fi Adapter

April 17, 2020 by 48 Comments

The Right Wi-Fi Adapter Can Hack 2.4/5 GHz Networks
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 150 (Teaser – Partial Episode)

To relieve network congestion, most routers provide users the option to connect to either its 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band, since they occupy different channels. As a white hat hacker or pentester, it’s important to know how to access both during an attack, as de-authenticating a device on one could cause it to jump right over to the other. On this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll show how someone could focus on both with an Alfa Wi-Fi adapter.

Alfa Wireless AWUS036ACS:
Simple Wi-Fi 2.4/5 GHz Yagi:

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48 Replies to “How Hackers Can Attack 5 GHz Wi-Fi Networks with a Wi-Fi Adapter”

  1. Code Seeker says:

    Null Byte could you guys do tutorials on these ideas?

    – How to install drivers for Alfa Wireless Network Cards (AWUS036ACH) on VMBox/Vm Ware or on a full Kali linux install as the main OS.

    – How to use/install Wifipineapple and how to use it properly (both nano and tetra). Maybe even create your own software to use the wifi pineapple?

    – How to use USB Rubber Ducky

    – How to probably choose and install the new Kali Linux ISO (Live, Installer, Net Installer?) I've done the vmbox one already but it's kinda laggy.

    – Kali Nethunter how to install and use on supported phones. How to unlock the boot loader, root the phone, and how to use ABD tools and keep ADB updated or maybe download the Open source code for Kali Nethunter and create and image for a unsupported device (I know this takes programming experience and I am currently learning by teaching myself.)

    I have researched and gotten no-where. Been on forums of kali most are out dated for then 2020 Kali linux. These are my ideas thank you for taking the time to read them but I have run into info overload and idk which direction to follow. Thank you, your videos motivates me to keep pursuing a career in cybersecurity. I'm apologize for the long list.

  2. Leo Zendo says:

    Ive been using the Awus**AC for a year now. The problem is WPA3

  3. Telegram is getting more popular now days … Where users can freely talk in channels and group discussions, can we expect a official null byte channel on telegram along with group discussions where we can discuss about our issues and help other users … Please reply

    Hit like if you guys agree with me.

  4. U r great like legend

  5. Fuchsfalke says:

    Spacehuhn in the background?
    Is he part of the team?

  6. Your every video is awesome.

  7. Esther B says:

    The mentioned Alfa Adapter is already sold out. Does this Work also with a more common 2,4G & 5G RTL8812AU Adapter?

  8. Do you use vm for Kali Linux or Kali liny is the base operating system?

  9. Graham Pawar says:

    Too bad many of the 5G towers are burnt…

  10. Pranit Dagla says:

    I wonder if This alfa can able to communicate with something like ubiquiti's Airmax m5 protocol. Maybe someone can shade some light on this.

  11. Hello sir love from india ♥️♥️

  12. Gym Fighter says:

    please sir i have many probleme for uplaoding shell with jpg extension when i try to change extansion jpg file to php with burp but the file it be jpg not php i cant bypass it
    maybe high security i try null byte bypass but nothing also i try exif tool but file it stay .jpg not php please i need ur help thank you

  13. dolly Slave says:

    Does it cook your head?

  14. Ram. says:

    how to crack passwords that contain special characters, nums, letters which in term strong passwords: content for feature episodes and also make a video on zoom exploits . thumbs up for zoom exploits

  15. Agha Seyed says:

    Welcome back to routine videos ….

  16. Anyone know of a USB wifi adapter that has drivers to enable monitor mode on windows? Wana use it with my npcap application

  17. I have a question about Maltego, can I use it to gather information on someone or websites without them knowing is that legal? (Not in a harmful way)

    Thank you.

  18. Zihad Fahami says:

    Null byte website doesn't load properly. Man what to do.

  19. 😭😭😭 please arabic translation

  20. I’m truly happy you exist at the same time as me. Thank you!

  21. Catalin Alb says:

    Hi Cody what is your opinion on the AWUS1900 ? is still the best wifi card? Thank you

  22. mul555 says:

    What the fuck? I've got an alpha running in 5G.. it didn't take any "hacking" to make it work. Others are making tutorials on hack the box and you're not even showing how to setup a WiFi card? I call bull shit

  23. TheYodaman22 says:

    He blinked!!!! It looked forced but hey man, progress is progress, congrats! 😆

  24. Leon Bricks says:

    Hello Null byte ich followed your tutorial how to set up raspberry pi 4 and than I shut down the pi normal yet is started it an the wlan card wasn't any more in monitor mode and when ich now type in the command sudo iw phy phy0 interface add mon0 type monitor it says command failed operation not supported what can I do?

  25. ZampaPaws says:

    I'm not interested in hacking myself, but what I am interested in is knowledge in doing stuff like this for the reason of self-protection. Hacking networks is illegal in my country, unless you have permission, which my assumption is that people will not have permission. But, knowing that this stuff exists and that it is real is something I can use to protect myself against this type of hacking.

  26. FearPhobia says:

    can i ask what linux laptop do you have?? cuz im planning to buy one

  27. Blaz Sar says:

    Man I love your series but I would be really happy if you could please do tutorials not only for kali linux but for mint and ubuntu too. So please 🥺

  28. Flavio Lamas says:

    Hi, could you also suggests a good software to track[get its GPS coordinates] a mobile phone using only its number? Thank you for the channel!

  29. Can u make a video on trity

  30. Can we hack anyone account​ and password​ when they connect​ to our wifi? Pls reply me.

  31. Thomas Smith says:

    good job transmitting corvid19 through the air captain blinky!

  32. Carlo Balmeo says:

    I had a question? How hacker can get paid game apps like GTA V for Free??

  33. Frastxxx says:

    Hmm, but 99% of information transmitted will be encrypted … What is the purpose of sniffing with that antenna apart from extolling about "being a hacker"? It seems like a video for people trying to get into hacking without any deep understanding of network security. You are basically saying that hacking is as simple as buying one 25$ device and people in the comments go crazy thinking that they will be able to steal nudes of their neighbors.

  34. Can you make a video how can I install kali Linux?

  35. Jordan Warne says:

    Wouldn't you look suspicious with such a thing?

  36. Crack Frost says:

    So for basic network attacks why cant you just use a pc supports 5GHz like normal

  37. Bro what i am shareing your video in my channel?

  38. 1:23 even the best struggle whilst pluggin usbs 😀

  39. Fab says:

    Is this Alfa compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4? Thanks in advance and THANKS for your content!

  40. Nick Lopez says:

    Brain Cancer Has Entered the Chat

  41. Jay Bofa says:

    Big help, dude!

  42. mr Chii says:

    Hey man I am just a hacker culture fan , I work as a graphic designer and video editor . Since a few months I started following some white hat hackers I even down loaded Kali Linux in a Oracle Virtual Box , by where can I start .
    I mean do you have a course for total zero beginners like me like from zero to hero or something like that?

  43. Mike D says:

    How is demonstrating driver installation racing someone how to hack?

  44. JunkBoi76 ! says:

    This all we need, now the Karen’s will be more pissed when I hack their 5G thanks man

  45. Aroma says:

    Reptilians are very smart

  46. Asnib says:

    dude your eyes looks sleepy.i think you spend 24 hour for teaching and are the best

  47. Root Shell says:

    My built in network adapter in Asus x507m does support monitor mode, packet inkection and even 5ghz

    Man this is crazy.