How to Install Active Directory Domain Services Server 2019 Video – 2 Windows Server 2019 Training.

April 16, 2020 by 6 Comments

How to Install Active Directory Domain Services Video – 2 Windows Server 2019 Training.

Hello world if you want to learn more about network security, IT or anything related to technology let me know and let us all learn together. Watch my videos on my channel for more cool content about IT topics.

This is a playlist of Windows Server 2019 training. I will be uploading videos in order to get started in the system administration world with Windows Server 2019. This gets you prepared for an IT SysAdmin role. Please watch the videos in order to understand the process and configuration.

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6 Replies to “How to Install Active Directory Domain Services Server 2019 Video – 2 Windows Server 2019 Training.”

  1. Good thing I have you on my list of videos. You are great. Thanks Patrick.

  2. Tom Goldman says:

    Love this guy. You are great. I am learning alot from you.

  3. tcntad says:

    Love this series! Real easy to follow and understand even tho I cant catch everything in my head.

    I cant find the DNS config video you did earlier but I have two small question regarding AD and DNS. I booted Server 2019 in vmware and deployed W10 on my laptop.
    When trying to join my domain i enter admin credentials but it coudnt join, it said it coudnt find the domain. Not until I manually set the laptop to point to my virtual server's DNS.
    I didnt see you doing that in your video. Why do you tink it didnt work? (Firewall wasnt a issue)

    Also there was another thing about configuring the DNS, creating the PTR record. I was using 192.168.1 as IP but it woudnt work until I actually enter the last 2 of the server IP. I followed your steps perfectelly but used my IP, would that have been the problem?

    I know it may not be easy to answer beacuse too many variables but it got me whondering..

  4. I didnt quite get why you created those rules at first place …. for firewall and custom ping . In a win12 server I dont have those and I dont have a problem ping the server and vis versa. Why you created those defender rules in order to achieve what (ok you ve wrote down to disabel defender why though?)? or prevent what from happening

  5. Moe Mir says:

    Hey i need your help with my active directory.i have backup of AD as a folder named as NTDS .My old hdd which consist of AD OU , users is corrupted. I have setup server 2019 on new hdd. I was wondering if i can restore my old AD from backup i made.will appreciate your reply.Thanks

  6. I'd recommend to all the new people who are following this (pretty great) guide. Install a pfSense router in VMWare Workstation, and put that between your private home network and your VM's. If you make a misstake with for example the DHCP server in your Windows VM, you won't have conflicting DHCP servers on your private home network!

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