Minecraft Mods You Should Have Installed When Playing Hardcore Mode

April 8, 2020 by 45 Comments

Looking for some mods to make your hardcore experience even more difficult? These mods will introduce new challenges into the game, yet stay true to Minecraft. Enjoy!

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Deadly World –

True Darkness –

Sildurs Shader –

The Spice of Life –

Realistic Torches –

Harder Branch Mining –

Eternal Winter –

Infernal Mobs –

Tough as Nails –

Food Funk –


Minecraft Forge –



Oshóva – Vast Chant –


45 Replies to “Minecraft Mods You Should Have Installed When Playing Hardcore Mode”

  1. What’s the shader that made the endermans eye glow

  2. The most worst one: one heart no regeneration on hardcore

  3. Rotoblade says:

    Is there like a tough as nails for 1.15?

  4. Azaan Malik says:

    0:10 what's that above the tree

  5. Could you tell me how you configured the shader of the true darkness mod so that the enderman looked like this?

  6. There is this health mod out there that makes it so you can have certain parts of your body damaged, like a leg or your head, it also adds many healing items to heal those damaged limbs, it also makes it so if you say get shot in the head with a arrow you instantly die but not if you get hit in the leg, it's a very great mod that I think would fit in very good with the tough as nails mod and many more.

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  8. Me: watches videos about minecraft mods
    Also me: doesnt have a pc

  9. Davi_ Cat says:

    Do you have a mod that adds nutrients? (Like dairy grains proteins vegetables fruits)

  10. acornian says:

    i get around 150 fps with optifine and i tried this mod and got a grand total of….30 fps wth

  11. BlaxZ says:

    Which shader he using in 1:08 or 2:24? Please, tell me!

  12. WingaMan01 says:

    2:36 i literally got scared for a moment… because of that zombie firing a fireball… tf is wrong with me..?

  13. You could have added the WesCook Nutrition

  14. Kauppy says:

    When a Yeti and a Cyclops have a baby xD ( 3:04 )

  15. ShyCactus says:

    I love the idea of the spice of life

  16. the tan has been disabled wich makes me sad

  17. Brian Larsen says:

    Me when Optifine wasnt mentioned directly: 😨

  18. AsianHalfSquat: doing an intro
    Animals: my time has come

  19. Cactus says:

    This is the 700th comment, hello

  20. I need realistic Minecraft please 🙁

  21. VVen0m says:

    Add the mod that kills you when you're in the dark and you literally have playing as Warly in Don't Starve Together

  22. MorpekoDX says:

    cats growing on trees lets just call it a cat tree

  23. Darvin Hanna says:

    How do you get the torch to light up when your only holing it????

  24. "I fear no mob"

    "But that thing"


    "It scares ME"

  25. sylveon 69 says:

    its a little like rl craft but much more simple and grounded

  26. Roei Dayan says:

    In my opinion I think spice of life is the most annoying and useless mod ever

  27. M4XxDMG says:

    How did you make enderman eyes glow like that?

  28. iCreepy_ says:

    Minecraft Mods You Should Have Installed When Playing Hardcore Mode


  29. How are that endermans eyes glowing so bright? Is it part of the shader?

  30. Lewis Dogson says:

    Me: can’t get full iron armor

  31. Can u show us how to install put them on

  32. How do i make so when someone dies they get banned for a day

  33. TD QGG says:

    Không biết có ai là người việt nam coi ông này ko ta

  34. Arekk Playz says:

    Anyone know that one texture pack with glowing endereyes?

  35. Sayabung Rai says:

    Can u make a viedow related to mcpe mods,shaders? BTW I love your vids :p

  36. X_abyte says:

    How are you using sliders shaders with mods? Whenever I try to do that with 1.12.2 it crashes my game

  37. birb says:

    install mo' bends for funsies

  38. EEF OOF says:

    are the glowing mob eyes normal or a shader/modpack? if its a shader or something tell me whats the name

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