These 10 Resource Packs Make Minecraft Look Absolutely Amazing

April 17, 2020 by 40 Comments

Looking for some awesome Minecraft resource packs available for the newest versions? If so, these may be just what you are looking for. Enjoy!

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A Little Taste of Jerm –

Clarity –

Chroma Hills –

Mizuno’s 16 Craft –

Dokucraft –

PureBDcraft –

Pulchra –

Excalibur –

John Smith –

Conquest Reforged –


Map used –



Chocapic13’s Shaders –

SEUS Renewed –



C418 – Taswell (Minecraft Volume Beta)


40 Replies to “These 10 Resource Packs Make Minecraft Look Absolutely Amazing”

  1. Monika- Chan says:

    1.12.2 for conquest and purebdcraft?

  2. Pure bd was always my fav

  3. sizitsu says:

    Excalibur reminds me of Skyrim

  4. Is PureBDcraft means From {BANGLADESH} 🙂

  5. MelloFello says:

    Dokucraft High looks significantly different than Dokucraft Light or Dark
    Would have been better to specify in the video

  6. John Reagan says:

    Are these available in pocket edition?

  7. you know the funny thing is that, people are trying to make a block game realistic and immersive when, there are more immersive games and even , its a block game, its like trying to make an entire city out of lego and convincing yourself that its all real concrete, glass, and humans

  8. Excalibur looks great if you have the Midgard map

  9. How to install these packs in Android

  10. Dokucraft and conquest reforged are the best looking ones imo

  11. You should present the Quadral texture pack (I don't say that because it's my favorite 😂)

  12. GameFlux says:

    I hardly focused on the video, Those Pillagers spilling out of the window just side tracked me lmao

  13. Klayperson says:

    i wish someone would make PBR materials for these texture packs. it's hard to find PBR materials that aren't super hi-res and photorealistic. i would love something like PBR + POM on Conquest Reforged. best i've found so far is Vanillacurate and i will be checking out Faithful x32 with the PBR addon

  14. MpWhite_Off says:

    What is the texture pack please: 3:07

  15. Asbjørn says:

    imagine how much better minecraft wouldbe if mojang stoped their socaled update.All they do is make mders life harder and make a lot of insanely good mods outdated for no reason other than adding some new "features" which only amounts to the same as a small mod, but without the benefit of choosing yourself. In essence mojang play modders themselves, fail completely, and their mods/updates makes it impossible to use other mods, until they reform to mojangs new "exspansion". It is a shame, minecraft would be wastly better if mods just build upon eachother instead of making eachother obsolete. The worst part is that modders do not get a fraction of money for their incredible work, compared to Mojang adding a 16×16 beehive that makes far better and older beehives incompadible (like reforged for example. Older, far better bees. And you can choose to play with or without that mod).

  16. I want modpack but without minecraft forge im annoying with that thing 😡

  17. JAMMER _OG says:

    I’m the only person who saw the villagers in the background dying

  18. sub to mohamad hammoud and AsianHalfSquat

  19. Squirrel says:

    You should review the new updated adventure time java texture pack!

  20. GTR_LordRazi says:

    bruv even if it doesn't cover many blocks ya know u should show that pack as hate I luv ur vids mahn.

  21. AnnieMay says:

    Did he built that map? It's so gorgeous. Oh how I would love to build something like that.

  22. Are there working shades for bedrock xbox one

  23. Make your server cracked
    I can't join with TLauncher

  24. can anyone tell me if these packs work with windows edition minecraft?
    can they also work between 2 computers on a multiplayer server?

  25. Teck'd says:

    Oh no. Not zip files! My weakness!

  26. LBoomsky says:

    I Tried Bdcraft, first

    so ulgy i will die

  27. XD-Couple-XD says:

    Doku craft there 3 option light,high,dark which should I pick

  28. Luiza Nacif says:

    Pulchra link not working 🙁


  30. Lucas Kelsey says:

    i wonder if cows can fly 0:05

  31. DMan says:

    All of these texture packs are so… how do I put it, gritty?

  32. cube. says:

    Overgrowth is the best texture pack.

  33. TalkToChimp says:

    When Minecraft texture pack makers make better graphics then entire game studios

  34. TalkToChimp says:

    REALISTICO BRO! It has high res version of Minecraft textures but the unique thing is that the pbr/Pom is like real life it’s the best realistic texture pack there is

  35. I have mizunos 16 craft its AMAZING! I would reccomend it so much. It's medieval, changes quite alot but you can still tell its minecraft, and adds a nice touch to everything you see. It's easy to get too! it was a bit blurry for my eyes at first as its not as clear as it seems but i got used to it and LOVE IT

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