Top 5 Minecraft Mods of The Week – Venture, Pretty Pipes, Dragon Mounts, Bedrock Utilities 2, PITG

April 28, 2020 by 43 Comments

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We have 5 incredible mods lined up for Mods Of The Week ( MOTW ). This week includes Venture, Pretty Pipes, Dragon Mounts: Legacy, Pane In The Glass and Bedrock Utilities 2(Xanthium51). Links to all the mods are below.
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Pretty Pipes:

Dragon Mounts: Legacy:

Pane In The Glass:

Bedrock Utilities 2(Xanthium51):

I create your mod ideas with MrCrayfish:

Special Thanks to Quick2Delete at Planet Minecraft for the Castle Map.


43 Replies to “Top 5 Minecraft Mods of The Week – Venture, Pretty Pipes, Dragon Mounts, Bedrock Utilities 2, PITG”

  1. Funandgames says:

    "In my opinion this is a very cool addition"
    sees pink sheep
    OOOOO forgets about mod

  2. Baby dragons are tamed easier than adults I think!

  3. Wait they updated only the first Dragon Mounts?
    Did you know they made Dragon Mounts 2 which adds Terra, Zombie, Wither and Storm dragons, dragon amulets and armor.?
    Idk if it updated to latest tho…

  4. Sophie Stump says:

    You're exciting me way too much with the very well animated dragon!

  5. The bedrock HD texture is disgusting for me xd but your mods review is fantastic owO new suscriber (I know you channel from the Coffe mod review in the CurseForge page)

  6. Anon Shrimp says:

    Ik this is 2 months ago but minecraft need to do a mythical update. They need to add new dragons and mythical creatures. After all, if we can do magic then who's to say mutants and myths don't exsist?

  7. CubicCube says:

    9:44 wow that mod is old i remember watching pat (popularmmos) showcasing this mod

  8. bruh there is actually more than 8 dragon eggs lol

  9. THAT Guy says:

    I wish I could figure out why my mods never work

  10. Im quite sad this channel is so underrated because dang this shit good

  11. Alex Davies says:

    I think that ice and fire is better than the dragon mount mod, but the latest version is 1.12.2 ) :

  12. I've watched a few of your video's in the past 20 minutes and I'm deciding to subcribe, I wouldn't know about all of these amazing mods without you and I'm going to go make a world with some fo these right now.

  13. Uige says:

    if only pain in the glass had connecting textures.

  14. Joshua Kyle says:

    Awesome zombie experiment, Boodly!

  15. “Wanna get a good look” stares completely down

  16. Cammy says:

    So they made bedrock tools, but they made them breakable…

  17. Cygnu5 says:

    hi with the dragon mod how you can make the dragon sit down? he follows you everywhere it becomes painful by force

  18. 5:00 hehehe 69 kills. Noice

  19. today in modded minecraft, glass composters.

  20. The thing you forgot about the dragon mounts (or atleast it was so in the old mod) is how you get the different types.

    For example; the Aether dragon needs to be hatched at the height limit, water dragon under water, etc.

  21. I also discovered that the ice dragon freezed water around it.

  22. TMH says:

    A full stack of dislikes 🙁

  23. Is that a flag of Sweden Country

  24. Bedrock Ultimate:
    Anything you can do I can do better

  25. I'm in phone cannot open file how

  26. Pain in the glass is like double slabs. It should be in vanilla.

  27. Can you still respawn the Ender Dragon for XP though?

  28. 1x4 says:

    6:48 the first mod ends

  29. Lil'Autistie says:

    Holy flip, find enough of those maps and you don't need iron farms any more

  30. Andrej Kovac says:

    How do you make your dragon sit?

  31. I like your vids o-o

    But i don’t like the back music am sorry if I offended anyone .-. –

    But it’s okie tho- i like the mods you choose o-o

  32. “I think fish like small arias”

    – The first person to put a fish in a fish bowl

    Fish:”help me god… it’s so cramped, why?!”

    Fun fact: fish like protected arias, like small rooms they can fit in, they do not like tiny arias, and they don’t like the water being to deep either because that can cause the deepest part to become poisonous to the fish.

  33. Goomy says:

    The dragon mod looks quite cool. . .but they all just kinda look like pretty basic retextures of each other. That aside it's quite cool, just wish they hade more differences between each one than just the textures.

  34. Aww man it doesnt work on mobile sadly

  35. HEXAGER says:

    Bedrock mod : exists


  36. Doxic Films says:

    I’m happy they made giant flying puppies

  37. When the new addon features come out for bedrock edition I will try to remake bedrock utilities for it

  38. I really love the dragon mounts mod I have one on my phone

  39. Crispot123 says:

    a Minecraft night has more than just zombie why not fight all nighttime mobs