Top 6 Minecraft Mods Of The Week – Ender Mail, Moving Elevators, Mechanized Steam Power, and more!

April 20, 2020 by 47 Comments

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Welcome to Minecraft Mods of The Week Monday(MOTW)! I’m going to go over the top 6 most popular mods released last week. This week includes Ender Mail, Moving Elevators, Default World Type (Forge), Mechanized Steam Power, Azuma and Sandwichable. Links to all the mods are below.
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Ender Mail:

Moving Elevators:

Default World Type:

Mechanized Steam Power:




47 Replies to “Top 6 Minecraft Mods Of The Week – Ender Mail, Moving Elevators, Mechanized Steam Power, and more!”

  1. I had downloaded the backpack mod so I could move stuff around but y’know that’s a lot of leather (got like 4 different building sites) so THANK YOU SO MUCH for introducing the ender mail mod 🥺 this is exactly what I needed

  2. your videos allways make me happy

  3. Tw1stStr!pe says:

    Isn't Azuma (or however you spell it… haha pun) kinda like a rip off version of Astral Sorcery but with a few differences?

  4. Why Enderman Hired To Be A Mailman?

  5. sad to see that craig the mailman got replaced by an enderman..

  6. DomStuff says:

    Fun fact: That first mod was originally made years ago. DanTDM actually made a video on it back when he was making mod reviews.

  7. Joshua D says:

    I literally looked wrong at the YouTube channel name and thought it said bloody neck

  8. The only thing that could improve Endermail would be if blocks placed by Endermen could be automatically unpacked and activated without needing to be found and opened by a player. Imagine getting your Endermailman to build redstone contraptions at long range. Or using tnt to turn them into an unwitting suicide-bombing griefer.

  9. This guy sounds like that flex tape guy

  10. Endermail is more reliable than most post companies/businesses, omg

  11. i feel like the elevator mod would be alot more hilarious if when you made it go super fast it would launch you

  12. Mod showcase's: Time to shine

  13. I used to watch this vids when i was a toddler way back in 2014 and i still watch this vids

  14. I like these kind of mods. They don't add much new content, they instead take stuff that's already in-game and recontextualise it. I mostly mean this with the Sandwich mod and Ender Delivery

  15. Endermail is the only enderman type that i must not and not scared of because how cute it is

  16. Is this working on full version of minecraft?

    Edit: Is it working on mobile?

  17. there should be a mod where Craig The Mailman delivers you mail

  18. JENKING YT says:

    Me:I'm scared
    Enderman:I will kill you
    New mods
    Endermail:spical dilivery

  19. Leo Sagreba says:

    I like the elevator👍👍👍

  20. Ender mail mod might be useful for adventure, to deliver items to YouTube house

  21. How can i ise the mod i already download it

  22. I swear if I will get ONE MORE raid SL ad 😭😭

  23. 0:41 talking about bacon but cutting bread and baking toast

  24. among all says:

    Taco recipes except Bacon

  25. Luna says:

    Is this 1.15.2

  26. The ender mail guy is SO CUTE

  27. The steam power mod seams like a combination of create and immersive engineering

  28. How to install it in mcpe

  29. Imagine this mods exist on MCPE

  30. At It Again says:

    I didn't know I needed and EnderMailman, but I do!

  31. dianne davis says:

    I love endermen too. I make jokes of them. Like the one where the endermen serve endercookies

  32. Heinz Miser says:

    wasnt there a mod called Flax Beards steam power mod

  33. Steam power I want

  34. GANPLAY411 says:

    Si lo miras a los hojos te atacara

  35. "Check these mana grenades"…

    Throws them


  36. Rafael 035 says:

    Thanks of your recomendation

  37. Thut's Elevators is better than Moving Elevators mod.

  38. Seeing through walls. X-Ray Mod!!

  39. Flibbee Cam says:

    Ender mail is TOO CUTE