10 Awesome Minecraft Mods That Improve Vanilla Features

Some of the best Minecraft mods are those that aim to improve aspects of the vanilla game. Today I bring you 10 mods that do just that, enjoy!
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Swamp Expansion –

Bountiful –

Double Slabs –

Better Foliage –

Snow Under Trees –

Upgrade Aquatic –

Buzzier Bees –

AppleSkin –

Charm –

Extended Caves –


Minecraft Forge –



Oshóva – Amazing Day –


27 Replies to “10 Awesome Minecraft Mods That Improve Vanilla Features”

  1. UnsaidCanoe says:

    the day has come my friend

  2. I guess the day finally came where Mojang decided to ACTUALLY update caves. Great mod list either way! 😉

  3. 2:48 That day came and it was a good day.

  4. Mr. Raven says:

    "When Minecraft finally takes a look at the caves"

    It's your time

  5. Joof Studios says:

    Mine craft is gunna have a cave update so the last mod may not be the best

  6. 2:48
    Me who is watching this after the cave update was announced

  7. Haha cave update go BRRRRRRRRRR

  8. him: "i think a cave updates what minecraft needs most" me: well, now a cave updates actually coming out xD

  9. AchedSwiss says:

    Well the time for uprading the caves has finally arrived

  10. David Bazon says:

    AHS: And hopefully, if Mojang decides to give Minecraft a cave update…
    Mojang: Surprise!

  11. FastSnake says:

    "When the day hopefully comes in the future that minecraft decides to finally take a look at the caves and update them"

    Me: Laughs in 1.17

  12. Zendard. says:

    Him: This mod upgrade caves until Mojang takes a look at a cave update

    Mojang: We are 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  13. Ender Faith says:

    Pls give me a Minecraft account@AsianHalfSquat

  14. I hope they add three updates in particular to Minecraft:

    Culinary Update (Similar Cooking System to Breath of the Wild, Could Have Multiple Potion Effects, Shows the Amount of Hunger a Food Gives (Like that Hunger Mod)) (Also, a gargantuan ion amount of new foods)

    Fine Arts Update (Carpet Weaving, Pottery, Sculpting, Chisel and Hammer, Candlemaking, Wallpapers to Blocks, Custom Paintings, Redstone Signs (Lit Signs that give a neon effect), personalized weapon appearances (change the pommels and blade metal for cool effects)

    Furniture Update (Chairs, Tables, Benches, Couches, Showers, Toilets (Hygiene Bar Added, Dirtiness increases noise and detection to mobs), Cabinets (see the items you have on the shelf), personalized bookshelves, better designed villages, …a lot of ideas).

  15. Zee Capeta says:

    or you can wait 10 years of new versions

  16. 8wen _ says:

    if anyone is looking for vanilla style mods i made a modpack that is about that 😀 https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/vanilla-expanded-mc2

  17. Keaton York says:

    well, you got your cave update wish

  18. Second Last says:

    This is much better review than old Mrbeast minecraft mods review


  20. Cronavirus 2 says:

    can anyone tell me what mod adds the bionic arm that you can upgrade?

  21. Link The Fox says:

    buzzier bees predicted candles
    edit: the connected glass mod works great in vanilla with buildings, i prefer being able to see better though glass and the grids of glass in vanilla look a bit weird, the connected glass mod fixes it by making glass next to other bits of glass combine textures and it even works with tinted glass

  22. I love how there's always random things happening behind him in the Intro

  23. Fantasy_ PvP says:

    "When the day finally comes that mojang will update the caves"

    I don't need to explain this.